Sunday Music

Sunday Music would need more uuumpphh I was told. So here comes Mr SCOFIELD (Ger., Eng.) together with MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD (Ger., Eng., website) performing what they call Sham Time – they just let it slide, hope that’s enough uuuumpph.
The afternoon is sporadically sunny – so it’s no time to lose and go for a walk. Nothing new around here, except that my family name (which is a bit unusual) was found on a gravestone in Northern France. Five soldiers died there in September 1914. The area is thinly populated and remote, the German organisation that cares for war graves did not know about this place & monument. I was contacted and asked whether I knew something about the man with whom I share the family name, sadly I have no clue. He could well be a brother of my grandfather, but I do not know for sure. All this family stuff is in a box somewhere in the cellar. I think it’s time to clean house now and get things organised, this family things included.
Have a good week, peaceful and relaxed ; enjoy the music’s uuuumpph, I have to go out for a walk now.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What an intriguing mystery! I would love to hear if the soldier’s name appears in your family records. If he is a relative, perhaps more info is available about his military service through the Bundesministerium der Verteidigung?

  2. I have just listened to this while marvelling at Ms Scarlet’s latest penmanship, and it all goes together rather nicely. A little uuuumpph never goes amiss, but I still like the less uuuumpph-some music.

  3. Step one : Clear the room, sort books into shelves, use a vacuum.
    Step two : Get rid of stuff.
    Step three : Go into the cellar, search for the crate with the family documents.
    Step four : Sort them, start research.

    That’s the plan LX. I will start with steps one & two tomorrow,.

    You mean her Flickr thing IDV ?

  4. And there is a pinterest thing too, dear Scarlet !

    First of all I have to make room for stuff in here, what simply means to get rid of things – I will start with this today, when I’m back home Norma. And because I know that you are a lady, I’d never have thought that you insinuated something …

    Lost in the woods, Scarlet. In fact I’m just back in to leave again, it’s a strange world.

  5. I read it dear Scarlet – I even commented !

    Sorry Austere, the box is not yet unearthed, but it will happen this weekend.

    I have to search for this place and area – as i was told it is really thinly populated with only 8 humans per square kilometer – in Europe ! The poor sods were killed in September 14, when the front was still moving, the real digging in started later. Obviously someone erected a monument for them and it was lost and forgotten somewhere in the woods for hundred years.
    Thank you Hoppelschaum [!] – I’ll try to keep the uumpph, as long as it doesn’t turn into a baaarrff …

  6. Hoppelschaum – I just found that two of your comments went to the spam folder, your email address was misspelt or something, no reason to get excited – of course you are not “banned” or something !

  7. … man, you need another hobby LX … one could use the Franconian colours and the “Rechen” / rake … “Verboten in Franken !” … has something to it, doesn’t it ? :)

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