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The wind is thundering, for the third day now. And it is a remarkably cold wind from the East. Clear air, no wetness yet, but it is to come in the next days. Finished driving this early afternoon, Monday will start a bit later than usual, a quiet weekend ahead.
I looked into the news and found a remarkably stupid statement by a certain Mr. McCain, an American senator. The French President Hollande and the German chancellor Merkel are actually on a diplomatic mission in the Ukraine and in Moscow trying to defuse the ongoing conflict that has the potential to escalate into something nasty. McCain compared this to the appeasement-policy (Ger., Eng.) of the 1930s, and told the world that he did not expect something else from these people who have no idea of politics and don’t care, yadayadayada. Can’t see that Mr. McCain does something constructive about this conflict, except screaming for more weapons, thus applying caveman’s logic : Bigger hammer is better hammer, yoh !
If he really compares this diplomatic effort with what historians call 1930s’ appeasement-policy he also insinuates that Putin would equal Hitler – plainly unacceptable and deplorable. He is either really stupid, and thus his comments can be ignored and filed as the waffle of an old man, or he makes his remarks at exactly this point for a purpose, aiming at hindering or hampering anything that has a chance to de-escalate the situation. Then he’s an arsonist & war monger. I wonder whether he comes to Munich, perhaps some people would shut him up there, but I doubt.
McCain’s remarks are echoing Rumsfeld’s moquant jabber about “old Europe”. What these old sods do not understand is that after 1989 all the old problems returned that were suppressed by the East-West-conflict, the Cold War. And with the demise of the SU something started that is connected to the political situation of pre-1933, in some respect even pre-1914. And the answer is surely not cold-war-logic ( = more weapons, more escalation, until “we” “win”), the answer is politics, diplomacy and in the end : keeping peace. Exactly what this European initiative aims to. The results of American foreign policy of the last twenty years can be inspected in the middle East, really great.
GOd help us when the next American president is elected.


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  1. The U.S. press love to quote McCain on just about any subject as he’s sort of like the crazy uncle at family gatherings — always good for a bombastic statement. Luckily for everyone, he has little or no power or influence on most of the topics he rants about.

    Obama and McCain were our choices in the 2008 Presidential election. That’s the sad state of the American political system these days.

    PS: I am personally inclined to ignore McCain’s views and cut him some slack for having been beaten and tortured for eight years by the North Vietnamese whilst a prisoner of war.

  2. I think I will ignore all this campaigning stuff and wait until a new person (a woman perhaps) speaks the oath.
    Looking at policy is frustrating – it “is made” by people who are seemingly following other, God knows whose interests – I think this “Pegida”-“movement” is at least partly triggered by the feeling of helplessness, being manipulated, being object. Understand me right please, I have absolutely no sympathy for these people. They are more or less openly anti-semitic, they use the language of the Third Reich, and are violent. But they are a reaction out of a feeling of insecurity & helplessness. It is no wonder btw that they origin in Saxony, a federal state that is known for a strong right-wing leaning. What in a way connects them to McCain is the love for simple solutions – einfach draufhauen

  3. The early “favorites” in the polls are Hillary Clinton (wife of Billy) and Jeb Bush (son of Bush I and bother of Bush II). Another Bush or Clinton. Uggh!

    But we have many months to go before the first primary elections and caucuses where the candidates start collecting delegates for the respective Democrat and Republican conventions. I am dreading the process and the results.

  4. A bit like European dynasties … Kennedy, Bush, Clinton … Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Luxemburg …
    McCain’s remarks really made me angry LX. But any way, he decides nothing. Geschichte wird gemacht, es geht voran !

    Sorry, afk now, tomorrow reporting from my cellar, in the search for “the box” !

  5. I have no clue whether he is connected with these Mr Nikos. Maybe the chips are a kind of weapon ?

    I’d give him my vote Foam ! And the kitty too.

    But the UK already has a monarch Scarlet.

    “Common as muck” is the result I got from the Telegraph test. No idea whether this is good, bad or acceptable ?

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