Sunday Music

Finally I managed to clean my appartement – yippieyeah ! It will never be aseptic – basically it’s a book storage & books produce dust if nothing else – but the dust bunnies (in German Wollmäuse) had turned into dust whales and refused to move when I let some air in. Now I see the corners of my room again, a lot of paper is going to the bin. There is still a heap on the (clean) reading table, but it’s just a matter of taking in hand and deciding whether it stays or not, simply by answering the question : Will I read this ? Notes and copies of old articles – will I spend precious life time with this stuff ? The answer can be found in a second, so this heap will be treated in short time. A small change in the kitchen makes the cramped room look larger, additional bonus ! It’s still too cold to clean windows and take care of the balcony – it seems I’m in a premature spring cleaning frenzy !
I tried to find family documents in a box in my cellar compartment, but had to cancel the attempt : Too dark, too narrow & finally something fell on my head. I really wonder how I brought all the stuff into this place. The janitor will install a proper light and then I will dig me through things, surely some can go to the bin at once. I have no clue what I actually stored there – never looked at it in all the years, so it can’t be very important ; except for the papers. I always knew that they are there and that I’d have to read them one day, it just seems to be the right time to do this.
This Sunday Music is the first movement of Luigi BOCCHERINI’s (Ger., Eng., research) sixth symphony (don’t know the opus-number), performed by Europa Galante under Fabio BIONDI – hope you enjoy it !
The wind is back – oh Herr – but it blows away grey clouds, and no clouds means no snow, what is very good : Have a snow-free week !





11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Congrats on the very good start to Spring cleaning! I have a similar project pending of organizing and thinning out my collection of old papers. I even bought some file folders for the job [mumbles] years ago. Maybe next week…

  2. I have burnt or recycled so much paper in the last few months and I still despair of ever being straight. At least I have sold two cars and a tractor, and given another van to my daughter, so one barn is three-quarters clear. Good for you for dealing with your papers. I wish my husband had!

  3. Avid collector then, dear Norma ?

    I made a start – I find the most difficult part is always to start with something like that, dear Z.

    Sometimes I’d like to throw myself in the bin, dear Scarlet.

  4. OK. This has motivated me to actually begin with the easy part of throwing out a few things each day.

    I will organize whatever is left at the end. And maybe even vacuum!

  5. Your spring clean really has started early. Good on you.

    I’ve started thinking about my spring clean and that’s as far as it’s got. My excuse is that I cleaned the place before I moved in. The dust is just beginning to settle in.

  6. Yes – I fully understand this Hoppelschaum [!] ! When I went through this heap of nonsense on the writing table I felt like “Oh – this was once interesting ! Here you once wanted to write about …” – its twenty years ago ! – meanwhile someone HAS written about, and I am surely not caring anymore about this peculiar topic. So, away with it, clear space, clear room, clear head. And re real things – yeah, who ever wants them, do use it !

    Heavens LX !! Now I may call >63mago an inspirational blog !

    Rose – without the -s. One Rose. You are working on far more important things than me. My best wishes for You on all this focusing, getting rid of things – clearing the mind – this is all more important and challenging than to clear out some heaps of stuff. Thinking, done properly, hurts. It is necessary.

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