Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A rare meteorological phenomenon takes place in front of us here – Sunshine. And the sky can really be blue, as the ancients told us ! Time to go out for a walk, perhaps documenting this event with a photograph ?
It’s nevertheless time to hear some guitar music – Chet ATKINS‘ (Ger., Eng.) version of GERSHWIN’s Liza, All the Clouds’ll Roll Away, less than three minutes of excellence, hope you like it.




Back in from the cold.


Februar 2015


A strange dog looks at me.

A strange dog looks at me.



21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Pretty Sunday morning music for a crystal clear blue sunshiny extremely blustery day here in my neck of the woods. Oh, plus we have a dusting of snow on the ground.
    Have a wonderful Sunday walk and do take pictures!

  2. Gah – siberiakische Verhältnisse ! The birds are a bit optimistic around here, I even saw blossoms peeping out of the earth. Winter will have one last hit, but for the next week no frost is prophesied. Bis später Hoppelschaum, perhaps I find a nice picture.

  3. lx says:

    Excellent musical selection. Atkins was one of the early important “crossover” musicians, i.e. popular on country radio stations and top 40 rock and roll.

    Enjoy your sunny day!

  4. I’m only now discovering him, LX. He’s totally in command of all means of expression on his instrument.
    The sun has not the power yet. I saw some green things poking from the earth, but as usual, I have no clue what will develop from these early sprouts.

  5. Sorry if I have gotten your name wrong Nikos.
    Ah yes, it’s this time of the year … Here it’s “Helau” if I got it right ; in a near village it’s “Schnüdel Klar”, very fitting. I avoid the local organised “Gaudiwurm” (what a terrible word !) like the plague. Think they committed their deed today. Am Aschermittwoch ist Alles vorbei – yeah, GOtt sei Dank !

  6. PS
    My old college at University holds “Gaudies” but no worms involved. i.e. Gaudies generally involve a celebratory formal dinner, generally in black tie and academic gowns (scarlet festal robes for doctors), and may include events such as chapel services, lectures or concerts beforehand. For reunions, the invitees are generally graduate alumni from a number of (usually two or three) consecutive matriculation years, e.g. 1999-2001. Typically, gaudies are held for each year-group on around a ten-year cycle.

    This formality was not evident on the streets of Wiesbaden today but I saw some festal robes.

  7. Ah, catkins in the first photo, and a dog in the next. Marvellous juxtaposition, Mago.
    And good to see some blue sky, too!

    P.S. I love the first photo of the stems and their shadows.

  8. Exactly LX. Wonder whether they have such a thing in Worms …

    No misspelling Nikos. They all are keen to have a distinctive Narrenruf, a fools’ call, like “Rinn in de’ Kopp!” or something like that. At an academic gaudium “Down the Plonk!” (Nunc est bibendum !) may also occur … Interestingly these now traditional costumes of the “rheinische Karneval” started as mockery of official gowns and costumes, especially military uniforms. That’s why they wear these elaborate “Orden”, “Tressen”, create ranks and march ; I think even the strange thing on the head can somehow be linked to 18th or 19th century “official” headgear. But what started as poking fun at too serious officials now became a much too serious ritualised session itself, at least for my taste.

    “Weidenkätzchen” in German, the willow’s small cats (?) – but they are still far from blooming. And thank you for telling me IDV – the juxtaposition was totally unintended : Its the two photographs that turned out good … there goes my artsy glory …

  9. Buff-böööh, Buff-bööööh, Buff-böööh ! Narhallamaaasch ! Wollemerneilasse ???
    Back in the dark ages of my youth the tv was switched on for the coverage of the Rosenmontagszug. And there was life transmission of this incredible “Prunksitzung”, “Mainz wie’s stinkt und kracht”. Perhaps the earth may open and take care of this … I’m happily looking forward to Aschermittwoch, dear Foam ! Will you go and get your ashen cross ?

  10. There you have it dear Hoppelschaum : “Die Geschichte einer katholischen Sozialisation” in one sentence.

    I am very glad to learn that you found your voice again Savannah !

  11. Mitzi says:

    What a beautiful blue sky, dog and pussy willow makes me want to go back to Benidorm. It’s been overcast here today, but we are promised some sunshine tomorrow and a balmy 9° to boot and by Wednesday 10° time to get the Piz Buin out.

  12. Will you go for that super-human bronze tone, dear Mitzi ? It will make you look like a Greek god.

    It’s a give-away Rose, sadly we have nothing left.

    This is cool ! I wonder what kind of colours they used – great find LX !
    Is it just me who waited that someone would step into the wet ?

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