Global Warming – what else

I switched the world on at 19:45 – no pun intended, pure contingency. It glows now for three hours and is still pretty cool, except for the top spot, as may be expected. When you look at it, Siberia is on top and actually the hottest place. But it’s far from hot, just warm to the touch. You can’t see it, but my world is a bit shattered, repaired & re-glued, but I assume that is a common experience, to have it shattered once or twice through lifetime.


Die Welt


I think such a globe could be found in any Western boy’s room through the late Sixties / early Seventies. And now that it’s de-dusted & cleaned I can switch it on again without having to fear burning dust. The colours are similar to those on the maps in the Atlas I got in school, and was allowed to keep when it was due to be given back, because it was falling apart. Now and then I turn my world a bit around, so that any part of it has a chance to become warm and cool off again.
I did not crawl into the cellar trying to locate family papers today, it was much too cold and böh. Instead I attempted to write something about the fountains of the village, but found it hard to get into the flow – lack of a dead-line perhaps … I do not remember whether I mentioned it here, it’s a group of volunteer historians, who produce small audio-pieces about historical points of interest, the Roman bridge (here) was my first contribution. At one point these soundbits will be accessible via wwweb, in connection with a presentation of the village and its neighbours on occasion of a local Gartenschau, still some years away ; but it needs a lot of preparation, because large areas that were former used by the USArmy are part of the whole package, and these areas are bordering the village. The university has a hand into the mud too.
But of course we want to look good, don’t we all ? Therefore Mago pieces together the history of the Fontane di Villaggio, and tries to fit the lack of history into an amusing three-minute-feature. I have to put on my thinking cap – there is always the village historian, a force to be reckoned with, as my old friend Duke Nukem (logo) once put it.
I turned the world a bit farther, Siberia was becoming notably warmer, not bad after four hours ; now it’s Alaska’s turn.


10 thoughts on “Global Warming – what else

  1. Oh, a change of style – I like it.

    I know exactly the kind of globe and maps you mean. I loved them as a child and would spend hours imagining how people lived in these far off places.

    I have a lava lamp instead.

  2. I have to confess that after all these years, I have no idea how to open my world, Nikos. I remember vaguely that something somewhere had to be screwed, as so often, and there is the topic of glue – so it’s a bit delicate, in parts.

    Design as it happens, by accident, dear Rose : Played around and hit the wrong button, there you have it …
    I spend time looking at roads, reading phantastic names of places, going on imagined travels : Through Spain into Northern Africa (no good idea nowadays) ; going East, just straight Eastwards, until the land ends, and you find yourself in a place called Magadan. Astoundingly I met years later a person who came from there. Getting lost in Asian jungles, looking at islands on the other side of the earth, where it’s always dark and people walk on their heads ! The last part of the Atlas showed maps of the moon – combine this with echoes of images from Belgian or French comics, and you have a lovely daydream-escape scenario.
    Be careful, don’t knock your lamp over, it may result in something like this.

    ps The downside of the new design seems to be that links are pretty good camouflaged.

  3. Globe and microscope Foam – the unsuccessful & unlucky try to rise some enthusiasm for natural science in the bockige boy. Still today I like to look into detailed maps, especially Messtischblätter (wiki).

  4. Shattered and repaired it may be, but your world is still quite beautiful!

    If you need a deadline to complete your writings of the fountains, I could lend you one of mine. I seem to have loads of deadlines laying around. Some of them barely used!

  5. austere says:

    Waiting to hear you speak when you put that work online…
    Nothing quite as wonderful as armchair travelouge, you can go back or forth a few centuries as well…

  6. Thank you IDV, but I was given one only yesterday evening. It’s small and not very strong, but it’s a start ! (Monday, 18:00)

    The “Roman Bridge” is already finished, I spoke at least a part of it Austere. But as I understand they wait until there are several of these pieces finished and make them accessible then. I do not know whether there will be a special website or if they will be attached somehow to the existing internet presence of the village. But I think there will be a site of its own for the Gartenschau together with neighbouring villages, and perhaps it is possible to have people listen to our historical gushes via smartphones.

  7. lx says:

    I also like globes and maps of all sorts. I only had a plain paper-covered globe, but got a large (about 26 inch/66 cm) lighted one as a living room piece in 1985.

    PS: Nice photo — especially the glowy effect!

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