Too Much Choices …

I’m not sure about this … Wouldn’t a black font be better ? Is it readable ? Does it hurt in the eyes ?

LX – ?

I’m not content with the font. Think it’s too small. Not enough contrast. Ah bugger … In the end one has to look for the font first, anything else will follow.

I want a high-contrast garamond  in deepest black on a background I can manipulate … Herrgottnochmal, das ist doch nicht so schwierig !


15 thoughts on “Too Much Choices …

  1. My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could not read the greyish text on the red background due to lack of contrast. I had to highlight to read it. The orange is a bit better.

    In my view, the most important factor in readability is contrast between the text and background. Also important, but secondary, are the size and shape of the fonts.

  2. Back to “Radcliffe” – after I finally managed to remember the name of the template. I hope the contrast is strong enough between text and background and it simply works. Until next time when I feel the urge to splash colour over the screen …

  3. Too much choices is right. I can’t seem to get the right hue and contrast for my text as well. I only occasionally read my own blog after I post but when I do it sort of hurts my eyes. Time for another adjustment. I hate doing that.

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