No music, Grippe instead.



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  1. Grippe is French for Flu. Last time I got it in 2002 left me one week in bed. Good homeade cought syrup recipe: equal parts of lemon juice, glycerine (glyzerin), honey and brandy (of your choice). And like LX said, rest, rest and rest. drink tons of water helps to evacuate the toxin in the body (you will pee a lot of course). Supplement of vitamin C and B (if you take an antibiotic).

    as for me, I’m slowly coming out of hibernation.
    See ya later! 😉

  2. My personal hippo did not leave the ground, in fact it successfully resisted any idea of movement Hoppelschaum. Thank you for bringing Mr. Fleck to my attention – Fleck Bela, does it go more Hungarian ?

    Let’s not dwell on the past – the recovery is slowly starting dear Scarlet.

    Let’s focus on the Kirsch, dear LX ! The fluffing was very welcome !

    It must go round Nikos. Hope you could put it behind and cure it fully, nothing worse than a “verschleppte Grippe”.

    Thank you very much Z !

    Teateatea, pissen wie ein Wallach, tea again. I received an antibiotic, pretty strong stuff that actually worked at the first go. Great to learn that your hibernation slowly fades, dear Jon !

    I’m not ready yet to perform in Goldfing Longerer IDV, a mere shadow of my former might and glory …

    Wait a minute Rose – where’s the rum ?
    Thank you my dear nevertheless !

    Laughing causes coughing Grouchy, so I would not hear your fine voice – anyway : Sing ! Sing, as you never sung before !

    Two days ago the answer would have been lausig, LX ; now it’s a heartfelt “better” !

    What a joy to see you here Mistress MJ ! Did you finally save the world ? I hope we will see you more often at your blog – it fell a bit in disrepair & needs a good dusting. BTW burn the paillasses.

    Thank you very much Austere, no need to be concerned, I am in the midst of re-humanization.

    Leben blüht aus den Ruinen, Hoppelschaum !

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