Sunday Music

It is really convenient that I do not have to think for a post-title on Sundays. It’s “Sunday Music” or nothing.
There is nothing to say about last week. I fell ill, I recovered. It all was a bit strange, for example becoming weak like a child, basically over night, is quiet an experience. Walking from one end of the appartement to the other can become a travel adventure. And then there is the first hot shower / bath and the problem to leave the bathtub – a neglectable step for mankind … even something mundane like washing up the dishes can become an exhausting task. All these tasks, all these requirements are the same, just the one who has to meet them is not the same any more. Temporary and transiently, still, GOtt sei Dank. Just one infection and things look very different.
Today I collected my car, they even managed to put it through the car wash ; the radio stations are unaltered, and my CDs rattle in the door’s plastic pockets, there we go. All is the same and all is new, all at the same time, any second.
Here is some music, it is a slow waltz, that is all I know. The lady may sing in Japanese, but I’m not sure ; title, singer, musicians – no idea ; it ends after less than 3:30, the indication of the song’s length is wrong.
I hope you’ll have an easy week.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The Magic Bus is already rolling LX, better than expected this morning.

    Thank you for metioning this Grouchy, I had never heared of this picture.

  2. Merci, dear Scarlet.

    Blitzen Benz, Kamerad Mitzi, mein Sauerkraut ist kalt !
    Wekkensittich is very nice put, thank you for the word.

    Potz Blitz LX – this is cool.

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Mago. And that you have a clean car, too – I’m only a little envious as mine went in for a service on Tuesday and was returned to me just as filthy as I left it :(

  4. I am sorry IDVPirate, my excuses – I was referring to the transporter / bus / car I drive for a job, I do not own a personal car / vehicle. I should take care of this “bus” and make sure that it looks good and clean – after all the organisation I work for does not like to be represented by a grimy filthy greyish litter basket on wheels, when in fact it’s a cream-white beaming transport, eh ?! So I should have put it through the washing, others did that for me. My cds are thankfully still there, God yeah, all this classical guitar is really harmless.

    They could at least have vacuum’d it, dear IDV !

    Yeah, the dictionary translates it as “mickrig”, “schwächlich” – “weaklingish” – that’s it exactly Pirate, I hate it. The week was after all more exhausting as I guessed, but finally it’s over. After the weekend I’ll be back to the tremendous heights of my power.

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