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You may remember – or not, I do not like this vain self-referential guesture / ado – that I wrote about the “Futuro House” on this blog (here). Meanwhile there is something called the “Futuro House Net“. Thought I’d mention it.


Chairman Bill came up with a Psychopath-test, weeks ago, I’m slow. I scored 15.


While I’m at it – go and search for the next USB-thingy in the wall.


There’s a new film about the Rendlesham Forest Incident (Ger., Eng.) – still a fascinating series of events. My personal guess is, it was a stress test.


If you find some undeveloped film, perhaps from the eighties when you went into the woods, send it here.


And if you are interested in a real riddle, a bit disturbing too, read about the thirty year old YOGTZE-murder-case, in German, in English.



15 thoughts on “Things Found

  1. Oh dear Scarlet ! This year’s cold is a real bad thing, very powerful and all. Take care m’ love – I am sure it will last until the tenth of March or so …
    I’m still coughing and a bit short-breathed ; this week was more exhausting as I expected. Cure it out dear Scarlet, leave nothing left, it will come back with a vengeance.

  2. I got through a whole toilet roll yesterday by blowing my nose… a deluxe toilet roll, at that. So it better go away soon. This is the worst cold I’ve had in years… and the sneezing!! Well, they are mucus filled epileptic fits.

  3. Only deluxe for your lovely nose, dear Scarlet – next to my desk, on a small rolling thingy, lingers the rest of an Aldi-three-layers-toilet-paper-roll, it was the last resort, die Eiserne Ration, the last bullet …
    This year’s “cold” was different I think. The coughing and sneezing were attacks, Anfälle, like if something grabbed you – and kept on shaking until nothing is left to be shaken out.
    I only hope you will get rid of this soon Scarlet, and do not get out and about too early !

  4. Ooh! We have a Futuro house on our beach in Pensacola Fl. You can rent it. I’ve often wanted to. I wrote about it somewhere on my blog. My dad is an architect and would drive miles out of the way to show us treasures like Futuros or Frank Lloyd Wright houses etc.

  5. I always wondered how the Futuro smelled. I mean, as i remember these early “Kunststoff”-things always had a kind a sweet smell. “Fishy” and “artificial” came later I think.
    I would never want to live in a Futuro – I want to visit one (or more) and look at it, of course yeah, but the idea to live in such a plastic can makes me cringe. But all Frank Lloyd Wright – as impractical as his houses may have been – makes me jump with excitement !
    I really want to visit his houses and see them, looking at the plans and at pictures is not the same, one HAS to stand in such a room, look at the ceiling, get a feel for the environment – and for the stuff in such a room, furniture and all this … I think Wright was on something – if all our living environment / space will turn into some kind of desert, why not learn from the masters first ? What would lead us to adobe, and to Wright again. I’m silly and tired here, excuses Matey … but I may dream of a house, eh ?

  6. The Futuro House post was before my time here. But I did read it when checking out the archives.

    Caution with the USB-thingy. USBs can spread Malware.

  7. The Futuro house is very “James Bond”, but I was more interested in the Shark car that appeared in one of the pictures in front of the house.

    The rescued film project is very interesting, but the USB-in-the-wall Dead Drops thing is like, as one commenter on the site declared, “glory holes for nerds”!

    Oh, and I scored 11 on the psychopath test. But I put that down to laziness.

  8. I’m sure you have read of the horrors or possibly seen movies about the state of Mississippi where I grew up, but actually it was an idyllic childhood for me. So about Frank Lloyd Wright, in the neighborhood where I lived was a friend’s huge Tudor style house with a pool and tennis court but next door was Fountainhead. A Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house. It was on my paper route. I would throw newspapers from my car onto the driveways of houses. This house’s driveway included a Frank Lloyed Wright sculptural gate that would sometimes be closed. I would have to get out and shove the paper through that gorgeous gate. Finally, one day the house was included on a holiday tour of homes and I got to go inside and experience it firsthand. Soon after an architect bought it and it has been very private ever since. The main memory is of my friends Gothic Tudor juxtaposed next to the modern Fountainhead. Anyway, you can read the Wikipedia entry here and a more detailed description here and finally Google images of it including the fantastic inverted pyramid swimming pool here. Enjoy!

  9. I got a 4 … but then I lied my way through the psycho test .. Muwahahaha 🙂
    The futuro house is cool. It would be real cool in steel.
    Spring is around the corner .. May we all become healthy again and suffer no flipping spring allergies.

  10. I really do knot know whether I’d connect to a dubious USB that sticks out of a wall … clearly it is for the more adventurous minded, LX.

    Hope you did sleep well Norma !

    I learned that the “Shark” was actually built on a Renault platform IDV – so it must have been more comfortable to ride as the first look implies.

    Who had thought … Thank You for the memories and links Pirate – now I have to look for your friend’s Gothic Tudor next door !

    “but then I lied my way through the psycho test” – that’s the spirit, Hoppelschaum – tell’em what they want to hear …

    I am sure you won something LX ! I wonder what would suite the modern psychopath of the world ?

  11. Hello dear Austere – I am sorry for not having shown up on your site for some time, but generally I was a bit “off” through this week … And thank you, yes, I’m feeling better.
    Wright built some very interesting houses and interiors.

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