Sunday Music

It was a bit late last night. An old teacher of mine had invited a bunch of people to come into the cellar of the Residenz and celebrate his 85th. He’s in good shape, fit and active, and it was a nice evening in the company of old friends and fellows. We all come together only at this “family”-occasions, maybe next time in five years. His eightieth was also a nice festivity. The Silvaner tasted well.
Without further ado comes this Sunday’s music, a light piece (despite its dark title), Sepoltura by Alessandro BRUGNOLINI, about whom I could find no further information.
Have a good week, relaxed and easy – spring is near, at least on the Northern hemisphere.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yes, the wine cellar, oldest part of the house, basis of the whole construction. It is still enough wine left, LX.

    Thank you for asking Hoppelschaum it’s better, the cough faded & I hope it will not return.

  2. Jezz… your friend has quite a mighty house. Does he know about your desire to move to another place. Maybe he has a room or two available. ;)

    Great tune btw (your choice of music is always pleasant)

    Got snowstormed on Sunday and a little bit more today. Tonight, temperature is supposed to drop to minus 10C. Not a sign of spring in sight yet. Ach!

  3. My love – Scarlet – don’t shiver, redemption is near !

    There is really a possibility to rent an appartement in the Residenz, dear Jon, but I’m afraid I can not afford this. Would be the coolest address here, “Residenz 1”.
    Minus 10 ° C – GOd I have enough when it’s minus 2 around here and I have to walk to the car in the ddm ! Damn it Jon – we can watch the first buds here – not as colourful as what LX showed – but there is life hidden under the snow – TRust me !

    Thank you Roses, that cough went away, may it rot in hell …

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