10 thoughts on “Sunday Music on a Monday Morning

  1. Catching up late, but thank you very much, I love “manouche”. One of my best trips to Paris included a chance hearing of a group playing in the Place des Vosges on a sunny Sunday morning. All very touristy, I suppose, but FWIW they had a CD (which I bought) and a name for themselves – the Minor Swing Quintet.

  2. Well, that’s “learning German on the high street”, not the back alley, dear Jon.

    There must be a point in space and time IDV, where & when West becomes East – and vice versa !

    “C’est magnifique” Autolycos.

    Caramba ! *clenches fist to breast* Daß ich DAS noch erleben darf ! Welcome back, lovely Leni !

  3. I can not seriously promise what next Sunday Music will be, dear Scarlet – I have no idea meself !

    Hm – is there a possibility to actually see you do the jig ? I’m asking for a friend …

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