Gimme a Kaiserkrone *

Yesterday I watched two Golfs (overrated German cars) getting it on. After the impact I carefully picked my way with the bus through the debris-field, while angry people stood in the middle of the road, shouting at each other. When I drove in opposite direction twenty minutes later, on a parallel road, we saw an ambulance standing in the middle of it. Who’d thought that early morning commuting is a kind of jungle-adventure-survival-test ?
Really missed something through all these years.
Today’s afternoon drive was very fast – I only realised the reason when on the road. I had heard in the news that a motorway roadhouse was closed by the police. They had called in the Sondereinsatzkommando – what a lovely German word.
Those policemen wear protective gear and use real weapons. The SEK is not called just for fun, but when stiff resistance is to be expected and the use of guns is realistic. They sealed off the complete roadhouse, parking area and all, right over this city. Drivers choose not to use the exit there, so the flow from the Autobahn drizzled out and we had only the local late afternoon commuting, without all the additional traffic that is caused by people using the local “Bundesstraße” as short-cut between two highways. Hence all went remarkably faster than usual.
Good so – the sun had a kind of noxious sting through the whole day, weather for headaches, I really was glad for a little less than usual traffic. There shall be some rain coming, it will be good for atmosphere, plants and soil. Two more days, than it’s a small vacancy.
Perhaps I’ll finally find my way into the cellar and dig for family documents !

* Test. 39 p. No more questions, y’er ‘onor.

12 thoughts on “Gimme a Kaiserkrone *

  1. Do not drink and drive!
    Blimey, sounds like you have a proper dangerous job now.
    Meanwhile, whilst you’re in the cellar, I’ll be up in the attic producing artefacts for your perusal.

  2. Draach’d me ‘naus, ich fahr’ euch ‘hem …
    No nonsense, dear Scarlet, I’d be more than miserable for the rest of my life If I’d cause something like an accident from a hangover or worse. The Feierabendbier (after work gulp) is strictly limited. Next week is vacancy, then there may be wine involved.
    I have no attic, it’s a flat roof building …

  3. It’s all quite a responsibility, isn’t it? I’ve been doing much more motorway driving than usual, the last six months and it’s struck me that the standard of driving is usually pretty goo. Once you’re on the quieter roads, drivers seem to be much more careless.

  4. I feel for you. Morning commutes suck.

    I’m doing more dual carriage way/motorway driving these days and sometimes, it’s sheer blind luck I get home at all. Or rather the blindness of the other drivers that causes the sudden spurt of adrenaline.

  5. I think it’s the GTI mark 1 with 1800 ccm and 110 (?) hp XL – pretty sporty, because it was lightweight, less than 900 kg. The actual one produces 220 hp out of a 2 liter engine. The “R” is also interesting, because it comes with all wheel drive, sadly there is no more six-cylinder. The Golf is good little car, but it is not God’s gift to motoring. I’d avoid at all cost the 2 liter and the 1600 diesel engines, with their belt driven camshaft. Also the dsg – simply because there are hidden costs (the friendly golf-dealer does not necessarily mention that there is an expensive fluid chance around 60.000 km), and because it still is prone to failures.
    Strangely enough Ford built something similar, by getrag, and all the mistakes – like cutting out in round-abouts, shifting wrongly while lurching backwards and other things – did not occure with their product. Volkswagen did over-engineer this piece.

    I never discovered the “inner beauty” of hitting a small ball through the countryside IDV. No rain today, it’s expected to arrive through this night – hopefully !

    Yes, the small roads, especially on the countryside, are dangerous. I do drive in the city area through the morning and afternoon rush hours, and sometimes I think some people forgot their brain at home, dear Zoe. But over all the numbers of bad accidents & casualities are sinking continuously, nation-wide.

    I try to go at this pretty laid-back, the sheer largeness of the vehicle helps, dear Rose. And I’m in no rush, simply because the job-description says “Bring them to their centre in one piece – if it’s five minutes later, who cares ?” Highest priority is that the passengers are un-hurt, un-harmed. But sometimes the adrenaline pumps really fine. Ford builds good brakes too.

  6. Golf was considered a preppy car for youngsters in SS some 15 years ago, but nobody discusses that it’s a good car. WV sold thousands here. I presume they still do. It’s stylish and drives well, but in my opinion expensive and overrated. I like Japanese cars -had great experience wth my old Mazda and current hybrid Auris-.
    Peak hour over here sucks too -some people drive like jerks, including some cab and bus drivers-.

    I bet your passengers are the safest in the whole Franconia. ;)

  7. So much can happen – and does happen – on the commute.

    I just hope I don’t make it to the TV news programs . . . for the wrong reasons I mean, you know?

    “North Carolina man slams his Corolla into a chicken truck and gets pecked to death” –that kind of thing.

  8. I like the new Mazda-design. The 6 is a massive car, but it hides it well, I think. And they made some interesting new engineering for their diesel engines, so that they achieve the actual rules for exhausts without using additives and turbos.
    I try my best, dear Leni.

    Only this week two guys slammed their cars on trees and died while commuting to the city Happy Apathy

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