Sunday Music

Sleep is a good invention. Vacancy too. Rain and cold wind on the other hand …
The dreaded time-switching has already taken place, so I will have to change all my clocks by hand, oriented at the computer clock, which is adjusted to some central clock – there is a website for it. Two weeks of no-driving, time to prepare a very small feature about the fountains of this village. I’ll be interviewing the local historian as we stand in front of said fountains. And finally time to clear the basement. I am repeatedly told that there is a very nice recycling depot just a five minute’s drive away, thank you, I finally got it … maybe I’ll find nice things there.
I looked for a gigue / jig for Ms Scarlet, but finally ended up with a Foxtrot, composed by M. TRENET, performed by Ray VENTURA (Ger., Eng., Fr.) and his orchestra in 1941, titled Ménilmontant (Ger., Eng.), after the XX. arrondissement.
I hope you like the music, and we’ll have a relaxed week ahead.



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  1. The fountain project sounds very interesting. Would village fountains also have been used as a source for drinking water? There is an old fountain near my rental flat in Berlin. It looks like it might have been used for drinking water for the neighborhood.

    PS: Also, Time Is. Sorry.

  2. The whole ten minutes – west coast psycedelica at its finest, including endless drum-solo (“Drum solo never stop – after drum solo bass solo !”) … I had forgotten about the title LX !
    Many of the farms / houses / Höfe in the village would have a fountain / source of their own. But in the middle of the central place (“Dorfplatz”) is a fountain for all to use, with a large bassin (“We[e]th”) were water is stored and can be used by all citizens of the village for themselves, their cattle and other animals, and is ready there to be used when a fire brakes out.
    Today the “Brunnenstube”, where the source is “gefasst”, is subterranean, under the village square, we will stand above it and talk about this. Today the water is lead to a fountain on the main road, through a specially built channel downhill, feading another fountain under way, then ending into the new small lake.
    The fountains were the only source for drinking water for humans and animals right into the 20th century. I think the village only was connected to the water system of the nearby city in the 1920s. Then they built a new network of water conduits – and from these days on the water was monitored and treated, the risk of pathogens minimized, it was not the case earlier.

  3. Nobody wants to call their fountain “Krankbrunnen” or “Schmeckt-wie- …. -Brunnen” – while some of these oh so healthy waters really taste a bit funny – like thousand-years-eggs in a glass …
    But there is always Bad Krottenbrunn (Kreis Goschach, five thousands inhabitants, existed from 1963-1966), LX !

  4. If I’d known there was going to be so much wind and rain one hour in the future, I never would have made the trip!

    I hope you have a productive couple of weeks off work, Mago. I shall leave you to your fountains while I imagine Ms Scarlet doing the foxtrot.

  5. Ms Scarlet has originally promised a jig, if there’s more minouche around ‘ere, but I can’t augur what will come up on Sunday Music – and the question of her showing the jig was not dealt with too.
    Take care IDV, there are gushes & gales !

  6. Very nice song and video with vintage images of Paris, Mago! I’ll try to find the original versión from Charles Trenet (great!). I’ve read in the internet that Maurice Chevalier was born in that neighbourhood, 20ème arrondissement.

    Your fountain project sounds historically very interesting. (I know a little bit about it: The Dumbass Industries is the major water supplier in SS with a history of almost 200 years and very interesting chapters, historically and technically). I’m looking forward to hearing from that!


  7. Please be careful Norma, don’t sweep out a corgie while you are using the broom !

    One day our “interviews” will be accessible via web for smartphone-users. It’s intended for visitors of the garden-show that will take place in some years – I forgot the date Leni

    I will need time too MJ – to sober up, stand tall & speak clearly … There is a list of questions …

  8. Thank you Roses – at least I cleaned my appartement, brought out a ton of paper to the bin, and already went into the cellar – where I promptly started to sneeze and feel cold. It’s the second underground level with nothing but cement and cold earth around, gah ! So I deceided to go back into my warm appartement and look for some stuff I have to sent out – and I always wanted to go through the tons of images on this computer … But now I have to go to the superette …

  9. I am trotting in a foxy fashion around my living room… in my feather edged negligee. Probably time to get dressed now?
    Good luck with the project of fountains!

  10. We had an old venyl of Trenet that played a lot when I was still peeing in bed. This brings back so many memories… not necessarily good but not bad either. Music was only covering my mom’s “ennui de vivre” I guess.

  11. Ennui … when it’s a drag … music, walking, reading – anything that helps, dear Jon

    And I am sure they’d suite you Hoppelschaum, even when the footwear may be a tad too practical …

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