Trullering again

Ach, was für ein trulleriger Tag das war.
A day of trullering. It’s not so that I did do nothing – I did do something. And I tried to do more, really, but fate … Yesterday evening I wrote a list – in a rush of activity, of get-up-and-go-attitude, yes tomorrow – tomorrow all we be different, yes !
So I wrote down things like “Contact that bloke in Dingsdorf ! “, “Basement !”, “Hoover !” And of course made a plan in my head – it’s always good & important to have a plan, a Leit-faden, a guide-line that can be used like a rope, hand over hand  … enough of the heidegger Wortgeklingel  now …
I slept longer than usual. The coffee tasted fine, so I had another cup. Reading the news, oh boy, CLAPTON‘s seventy, DIETL (Ger., Eng.) too and dead (German Nachruf), achach
So I tried to reach the man in What’sthenameofthevillage, not at his desk ; later I learned that he’s out for the whole day, fine for him, sun is shining, I’d also like to drive around in the countryside now. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and happily made it suck in a kilogram of dust, trusty little noise maker did the job without any trouble, well done !
Fresh air in the appartement, clear skies, sun shine – yeah the windows are terrible, the balcony is a mess, but it’s still too cold to work on the outside for such a delicate plant like me. I decided to go into the cellar and look at my compartment – and looking was enough : It’s damn cold down there, I promptly started to sneeze and feel cold, and when the first shivers made me tremble I had enough.
These documents & stuff have been lying there for some years undisturbed, they can do this a little bit more, without me risking to catch another cold or worse.
Reading on the sofa, looking into the web, watching birds behind the house in the trees and shrubs, playing silly browser games – what a luxury life !

With a bow to Mr. KING, here’s Mr. KING’s and Mr. CLAPTON’s version of Hold on, I’m coming. They do it mit gebremstem Schaum, but reach working temperature soon, let guitars speak.



Here is Mr. KING from fifty years ago, from the 1964 album Live at the Regal, asking the old and unanswerable question How Blue Can You Get. He did a remarkable version of this song in SingSing.



And here’s Mr CLAPTON, doing what he’s best at, playing guitar, not singing.



24 thoughts on “Trullering again

  1. Schtonk !
    “Ich habe nicht gewagt die Sigel zu erbrechen, mein Führer !”
    Fritze Hitler”. Or : Wie man’s passend macht …
    I do not know if an English version exists.
    Dietl made the definite comedy about the fake Hitler Diaries. Besides this he made some very remarkable series about the Munich Bussy-Bussy-society in the eighties – he was a very keen observer. But “Schtonk !” is his masterpiece – and old Goetz George shows that he is able to be a real actor …

  2. Erm… I think we were separated at birth. I am also waiting for the weather to reach working temperature… this will probably be for an hour on the 27th June. And then it will get too hot to do anything at all.

  3. Goodness – Good luck, don’t fall, young man.

    I doubt that there is an English Undertitel LX. BTW I did not know that the DVDs etc. have different regional codes. Maybe it shall make copying and selling around the world a bid more difficult.

    This is it exactly, dear Scarlet – and what we will have done in this hour ! The storm is silent right now, but I guess it will come back with force – snow at Easter, I promise !

  4. Oh boy, what a great choice of music today Mago! I saw BB King (& Lucille) 5 years ago on Nelson Mandela’s Day back in 2010. What a great gig! Like you, I prefer Eric Clapton playing guitar than singing. Man, is he already 70? Like Bob Dylan?Mick Jagger? Neil Young? Long live rock and roll (and blues too).

    Love from the South Sandwich Islands -26ºC and sunny the whole Easter, as per the weather forecast-.

  5. The whole generation of the Sixties & Seventies rockers now reached their eighth decade. Just read this morning in the news that Joni Mitchell had to be rushed to the ER. Perhaps one should skip the news alltogether dear Leni: Here it’s 7° C max. and what they call “leichter Schneeregen” – not enough to build a snowman, but enough to built up on the car … too old to rock’n roll, too young to die ?

    Too kind of you Grouchy, but there’s no need for you, or someone else, to think about my career-planning.

    *channelling Loriot* Eben eben.

  6. You made a list and actually did some (if not all) of the things on it? Good gods! I wish I was more like you. Although, I really must do the hoovering – I can’t procrastinate any longer.

  7. I already did another thing on the list IDV, its frightening. When you hoover over Norfolk please take care, this afternoon a rowdy snowstorm swept through, even with thunder, I guess at the coast of the Northern Sea broom riding must be a bit dangerous right now.

  8. I’m currently sitting in a dental office so will listen to the music later. Anyway, nothing wrong with trullern, especially on a vacation day. Hope you have many sunny days to enjoy!

  9. Waiting for the drill ?
    I tried to built a crown – das wäre dann eine Schaumkrone geworden – but I’m terrible at “Handarbeit”. So I looked at all the crowns on wikipedia, and they all are a bit dinged and twisted, dear Hoppelschaum

  10. Sometimes I forget that people don’t live in a sub tropic atmosphere. It’s been Spring Break around here for a full month now. Two weeks ago I opened the doors and windows, dragged the furniture outside and made a camp of it for a couple nights. Everything is fresh and clean.

    B.B. King and I are from the same state. A state of depression!

    I visited his museum on a road trip through the Delta last year looking for the legendary crossroads to broker a deal with the Devil. J/K about the devil part…

  11. When all is fresh & clean depression should hide, but this thing can be pretty stubborn.
    It would be no good idea to drag the antique maple dresser (took me some time until I realised that it are different pieces, dear Pirate) outside : The furniture would become really wet and who wants to sit in the cold ?
    This satanic fellow is really busy, who’d thought that hanging around road crossings at midnight would be such a good business ?

  12. I didn’t know what “trullering” meant so I looked it up and the fourth result brought me here. What a small world…

    Dolce far niente! Sounds like hibernation to me :) There is snow in the forecast for Easter!

  13. I do not blame you for anything Roses ! Sometimes a fluffy pink dressing gown would be nice …

    HA – perhaps I should actualise the form of “the fine art of trullering”. Yes, snow definitely Jon, but after this we’ll have real spring !

    Flamboyant and sparkling performance LX ! Old Nicolae is surely proud – and it’s the first time, I think, I see these strange coils do something useful. Usually they only stand around, do their brazzel-thing, and that is it – here they at least hum a recognisable melody, while brazzeling.

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