Sunday Music

It’s cold outside, but nevertheless I watch brave citizens go for their Easter Sunday walk. The village is quiet, it’s this typical feast day mood, a bit like Sahnesauce, thick and nice, but one does not need too much of it. Tomorrow all will have enough and start to feel a bit bored. The house is remarkably quiet, especially since the downstairs-idiots choose to leave for some days and shout somewhere else, perhaps in the family circle, well done !
This Sunday Music is a little Sarabande (Ger., Eng.), composed and performed by Uwe KORN (German notice), brief, a bit blue – I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.
Happy Easter to all, Frohe Ostern !



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Frohe Ostern, Mago! It is a cool Day here. I don’t think the sun can make up its mind if it wants to sign or not. I enjoyed your musical selection for this Easter Sunday. I enjoyed LX’ S selection too. I have a musical selection to offer by a young composer of whom I am very proud of…

  2. The wind is cold here, but once out of it, the sun is quite warm. There are also a lot of people taking their Easter walks on the beach here in Cromer – And therefore, getting in my way! Sigh… the start of holiday season. Still, I’m glad to hear you have some peace and quiet as your neighbours are away.

    Anyway, thank you for the Sarabande.

  3. What a piece LX – and what an expressive instrument the Cello is !
    “Good or bad, handsome or ugly, they are all equal now.”
    Well, yeah …

    Frohe Osterhase !

    I listened to it, dear Hoppelschaum – and he’s really exploring, I hear some Anspielungen, to Jazz, Choral, dancing music – I like it. He’s seemingly trying himself, looking for the possibilities, “in the making” as it could be called. I hope he has the possibility to carry on, to develop his own handwriting. Yes, be proud, you have all the right reasons to be, there’s a promise !

    Thank you very much, dear IDV – look, all these people are voluntarily coming to your place, it must be something special, so the little nuisance that they get in your way can be bearable, they just want to share what you already have !
    I like about the Sarabande that it’s not marching, but “schreitend”, treading, and there’s always a little “hoppel-ing” in it.

    Thank you very much Norma, all the best to You and all Yours.

  4. Happy Easter Mr Maggs… It has been much cooler weather wise here over Easter… More so than I remember in recent years… Sadly not very welcoming beach weather so the Empress and i just took a stroll along the foreshore rather than wet our stockinged feet… had we been in Cromer I’d have delighted in bumping into Mr Device repeatedly…

  5. Thank you very much, dear Scarlet – I do enjoy !

    Yes, what a bumping it would have been, dear Princess, but who knows, perhaps IDV’s magic wand will materialize down under !
    Even when it’s not beach weather, a trip to the sea in the new automobile, a distraction from the daily routine is surely welcome.

  6. Happy Easter to you too, Mago! Enjoy this Monday and the quiet peace your neighbours left -I know what I’m talking about, I have a couple of idiots upstairs!-. The weather is lovely here in South Sandwich (sunny and 20-23ºC). It was even warmer some days before. Spring is definitely here and the coats are back in the closet.

    I’ll be back later to listen to the Sarabande -I can’t do it at work!-.


  7. Work !? – you poor darling Leni ! Is “Ostermontag” not a free holiday in South Sandwich ? I think even in the gottfernen Burdishland this is a day of rest !

  8. Happy Easter Monday, gentle Mago. I loved the music. It makes me want to listen to Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations. Since everyone is talking temperatures. It is 84F and breezy here in Ft.Lauderdale.

  9. No my dear, no Ostermontag for me :(

    Easter is celebrated in every corner of South Sandwich, but some areas start on Maundy Thursday, preceded by Holy Wednesday and followed by Good Friday. Easter Monday is a working day but not for all Sandwichians: in other areas celebrations begin on Good Friday ending on Easter Monday. (Yes, Sandwich is “different”).
    To me, it’s good enough not having to get up at 6.30am to go to work and have some Easter pastries!

    I hope you enjoyed these days!

  10. I had to look on the map to localise the place Grouchy.
    “Green and Purple flags for low-hazard bathing conditions and jellyfish. Please consult your lifeguard on duty before deciding whether to enter the ocean today.” If you want to go for an evening swim – ?

    Islands of Individualism, Inseln des Eigensinns, dear Leni … I enjoy doing nearly nothing, now it’s about time to start a little writing. But first I have to go out into the crisp air.

    Thank you Roses – I hope the cold went away, inspiration bites you, and the words will flow !

  11. Ahem – what ?

    No, I’m sorry LX – until now I had no idea that such a thing exists / existed. I never knew that a plastic band was used for storing sound – what must have made it the top-notch-avanteguarde in the 1940 !
    Interesting – I doubt that they could have used Bakelit for this band, I wonder what kind of material was used. And I find it also very startling that usable examples are still around ! Old plastics can become very brittle, plastics preservation is a very difficult thing for museums f.e., and this stuff still works !

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