Sunday Music

The lazy days are over, jawoll.  Time to get up early in the morning, greet the day with a heart-felt “Grüß’ Gott !” and run around in the morning dew … or such. One could alternatively have a (second) cup of coffee, look at the news on the web, collect all together of the scattered personality to finally leave and go to work, slowly. Don’t forget the antihistaminicum, one needs to be able to actually open the eyes ! Thankfully these medications operate very fast. The prospect of driving through empty streets is nice, I like it. So I’ll do something for the money the pay me every month, next vacancy is in May.

This Sunday Music is a short piece aptly called Flowers Laugh by Sonny SHARROCK (1940-1994) (Ger., Eng.), hope you like it. Maybe you’ll find time to listen to some flowers near you, I do not think that they laugh all the time. Birds mostly do gossip I’m told.



24 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Sounds just like my garden… minus the occasional bit of Aussie Twang. Magpies and Crows ( though I think they are really Ravens) seem to be the biggest gossips around these parts… Some days the Crows are incessant in their tale telling… May I join you in a coffee Mr Mags? I seem to have left a new jar of coffee off my shopping list this week…

  2. Of course, coffee for all, darling Princess ! I just bought a new parcel yesterday.
    Magpies and woodpeckers are pretty busy around here, and of course the small ones ; but the loudest conversations are always held by the magpies, while the woodpeckers are really exceptionally active this year !

  3. Yes, I have to admit it LX. Over the years I developed a problem with “Pollen”, and the indicator was always my eyes. They became swollen, itchy and dry ; sometimes I had problems to open them in the morning. For the last two weeks I had symptoms of a cold (runny nose, always a small headache, a bit short of breath), but no problems with the eyes. So I thought it’s just a cold. But all and everything vanished when I finally took an antihistamin this week.
    The concentrations are still far from “high” according to the weather-pages and the local measuring points, and it’s not “Birke”, what I always thought would be the trigger. So the condition worsened, I am allergic to more sorts of these little flying bombs, and the symptoms are stronger. But the medicament works very well, and very fast, within 15 minutes. When I take one in the morning with coffee, I’ll be fit and fighting when I’ll leave to start the engine.

  4. I love love their eye for details – the weathered table tennis plate, the net in all it’s rotten glory. No I have to look for the rest of the Championsheep LX ! Bog snorkeling and the steeplechase !

    You can’t see them in the UK Scarlet ? That’s mean …

  5. No sheep in South Sandwich either but lovely weather, flowers in bloom, people wearing T-shirts… and allergies too. Don’t blame it only in polen, Mago. They say that Diesel fumes are guilty. Air pollution and -as usual- the human race.

    And last, but not least: someone bring Shaun the Sheep and the ping pong players for Scarlet! That was an Aardman animations video (they’re genuine Burdish, like Wallace and Gromit. How come she can’t watch the video in the UK?)

  6. There they go, geese on a rampage. Are they as noisy as their European sisters ? You know these white ones of Roman fame, dear Jon.

    Diesel fumes ? Ohdear, I have enough of them, dear Leni … Possibly the “Championsheep” are part of a marketing campaign that is aimed at a non-British audience ? Or it’s part of a conspiration ? Perhaps a hidden message ? Scarlet is known for her habit to play things backwards …

  7. Spring is definitely sprung here too. Today, I turned my heating off.

    I also have been popping the antihistamines like tic tacs. I’ve found if I start in March, I get a better ride through the season. But there will be those 3 weeks in June that will flatten me, when I become a woman of streaming eyes and goo. Happily, that’s still ages away yet.

  8. Yes, no more heating !
    I always was very reluctant with medicamentations. In fact this year is the first I use antihistamins more or less steady and regularly. June starts in six weeks, dear RosesIch sag’ ja nix, ich red’ ja bloß …

    Millions of geese ! Without any hesitation I believe what the neighbours say : There is no idea of sleep, dear Jon !

    I can keep it “in Schach”, keep it at bay LX – thanks to Lorano, a very effective medicine. But they strongly advise to have only one pill a day, so I abstain from the heavy use lovely Roses does sketch. Usually I take one after the morning drive, when I feel a headache developing or my eyes become swollen. The sniffles – no reason to pop a pill because of that, I have Tempos
    The stuff is very effective, within fifteen or twenty minutes I’m good. The weather people say there is rain to be expected, it will wash Pollen and dust out of the air.

  9. Ich mag Dich trotzdem, Foam … :)

    I thought 2032 ? I read the comment of Blaise Vincent, a dubious character btw, dear Scarlet . Are you in a time warp ? I’ll have a look asap.

    DeLorean ? Goodness – I thought it’s just a jump to the left, dear Leni

    I’m not away, LX, just a bit … m’böööh. But it clears up !

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