I’m pretty convinced that in some distant corner of the cosmos “m’bööh” is considered to be the expression of uttermost inclination, tenderness, affection; the coded sound for an otherwise inexpressible feeling of warmth, free-from-fear intimacy, unio mystica, perhaps.
Round here it’s among other things an expression of disbelief : Is it really just one week since I started to work again ? Is this thing called “real life” just a farce ?
Who has the prerogative of interpretation re “real life” ? Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen (Ger.) – says Herr ADORNO, and one can assume that he could know. On the other hand ADORNO was not necessarily a nice man. Like CANETTI, who, according to sources of the emigration-time, was a downright nasty character.

Days blurred by, filled with – what ?
M’Böööh …

As a kind of “Thank You” for my beloved readers : Kurzwellenfunk, by Monoton, Montonprodukt 07 (Ger., Eng.), 1982 (play it loud).



16 thoughts on “M’Böööh

  1. the relationship of life and production, which the latter degrades in reality into an ephemeral appearance of the former, is completely absurd. Means and ends are interchanged
    Well, that clears up the absurdity of real life bit. Now to listen to the music!!!
    Pleased to see your post.

  2. Too understandable, dear Scarlet ! One has to be of a certain age & condition to happily embrace the Minima Moralia. Same goes for Erich Fried and a lot of others.
    Hey – ! In 2045 Blue and St. Johnson are re-united !

  3. So isses !
    I’ll appear in full regalia, dear Scarlet !

    Poetry hin oder her, he was remembered as “Giftspritze”. Around the Manns was some resistance against him, because both brothers had the feeling that C. was too, well, herzlos. He was a lady’s man, but seemingly not always with the discretion one would wish for. At least that is what I read, dear Leni.

    GOtt strafe GEMA !
    I like Great Funk Railroad very much, dear LX !

    M’BÖÖÖH ! I try Norma. The fun starts in ten minutes.

    The blue pill ? If it helps, dear Grouchy

  4. Oh dear. Work already? Doesn’t it come around quickly?! I need to prepare myself for returning to work tomorrow, but after listening to Kurzwellenfunk (twice – thank you, Mago) I feel the need to watch Blade Runner instead!

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