Yes, I Know …

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it … But I could not resist the urge to fiddle with the settings and try a new theme.

The contrast should be pretty good – LX ?
The font is readable. The Bold and the Italics are not that persuading … Maybe I’ll use colour (for the names of the wonderful commentators) when answering comments.

16 thoughts on “Yes, I Know …

  1. Anything will look nice with your profile on it Scarlet !

    I’ll have to empty the bottle first LX. It’s “#001f2c”. The strong contrast was it. And the different look. But now I have to find out how to colourize words, because the answer-comment-box shows no button for colours. Do you by chance know the html-code “auswendig” / from memory ?

  2. Now i know what to do with my empty tin cans… Thanks for the suggestion Mr Maggs.
    I like the new look. Sadly i’m a sentimentalist and find change difficult to cope with so my blog shall remain as it is for now. But your new look has got me to thinking….

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