Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Now You may be glad when I’m around In a “case of emergency”. Because yesterday I learned to spot the symptoms of heart attack, stroke & heat stroke, severe allergic reactions, shock, and how to react in such a case ; what is in a First Aid Kit and how to use it ; how to react if a person next to you suffers from an epileptic fit, and last not least, how take off the unconscious biker’s helmet (preferably without braking his neck).
I had to treat the course instructor, who fell dramatically in front of me on her stomach, while the group was discussing whether it would be a good idea to turn around a wounded person lying face down. I said it would be the correct thing, just to make sure that there are no front injuries, so she jumped to the ground, and I had to deliver turning, inspecting and the lateral recumbent position in one go. She wanted to test the lazy old sack …
Everybody had to pump the phantom and role play was included : Two guys were sent out of the room, while a grisly looking head wound was painted on a participant’s head – their first reaction was like “verdammte Sch***”, they expected to be confronted with a kind of heart attack or something.
I was selected to give an asthma attack, something I have a little bit of experience with, also to the severe surprise of the two aspiring Ersthelfer, first aiders. They finally decided to use a “Rettungsgriff” to place me on the floor – a bit of overkill : Pressing the left arm against the thorax of a person fighting for breath is no good. They did not know the so called “Kutschersitz” I took, a position people tent to use when breathing gets difficult (the legs are firmly put on the floor, the upper body is bent forward and rests on elbows and knees). They feared I might fall over, what can happen with a serious asthma attack, simply because lack of O². They felt helpless after I had thrown away the haler (they finally found in the pocket of my jacket) as useless because empty – yes, I allowed the drama queen out : But before I could die on stage the instructor intervened – my big scene, smashed !
Anyway, I received my certificate of participation. I was especially interested in “shock” and “epileptic fit”, simply because some of the kids I drive around can suffer from such a thing, and I do not want to be entirely helpless.

C[arl] P[ilipp] E[manuel] BACH (1714-1788) (Ger., Eng.), a son of “the” BACH, was an admired composer of keyboard music throughout the 18th century, especially in protestant Germany. Here is the Allegro assai ma pomposa of his sonata in C minor from 1757, sadly I could not find further notice about the performing artist or the location.
The forth month of this year is already close to its end, a short week ahead, let’s celebrate the “Tag der Arbeit” with Maibowle (Ger., Eng.) – Waldmeister  (Ger., Eng.) is good for you !




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  1. lx says:

    Congrats on the First Aid course. Very good info to know, “just in case.”

    I have taken several First Aid classes and one CPR class. The best by far were those presented in the Boy Scouts.

  2. In the week when I was not driving because of a severe cold the girl who sits in front had a small epileptic fit. So it is nothing that can NOT happen, but something that WILL happen – and I want to be prepared LX.

    Is it readable ? I found it niggling that the former theme did not show how many comments were on a post, one always had to click the post title, then it would open etc.

  3. Ah yes, the zapper … these things are now installed everywhere in the public space, in shopping areas, train stations … We were shown an example, how it works, and she explained what it actually does. I confess that I’m a bit sceptic about these things Nikos – is there really a machine in reach when one could use it ? BTW who does maintenance for these things ? Somewhere must sit a very happy entrepreneur.

  4. lx says:

    Ja, very readable.

    For me, the big disadvantage of the free version of WP is the limited formatting options with their standard templates. I never did find one that had all of the formatting options that I liked.

    It is easy to modify the code in the Blogger templates to customize the format. At least they aren’t evil about that.

  5. Congratulations for earning your certificate. It’s good to know what to do in an emergency: Hello? 999? 🙂

    I don’t understand why basic first aid isn’t taught to kids at school. It would stop a whole load of foolishness if people understood how they can look after themselves and loved ones and when it’s a good time to call for an ambulance.

    Instead, we have our ambulances being diverted to the person who has an ingrown toe-nail. Pfft.

  6. Congrats for the course and diploma, Dr. Mago! These courses are a wise thing to do. One never knows when something may happen but if you work at busy places, as you say … someday it will happen. At the Dumbass Industries we had a basic CPR class and yes, it can save a life but I’m with Roses: I’d rather phone the emergencies: 112 here.

    We have defibrilators too at Dumbass and luckily a medical office with 3 doctors and 3 nurses -I fear I would kill the poor victim by electric shock! 😉

  7. Good when you can code it by yourself LX ! In this respect blogger is really an advantage.
    On my bus is no communications unit, simply because the route is one of the shortest and basically I’m running within the city limits. The co-driver of course has a portable with all necessary numbers. I am circling the main station, where they have nearly anything (emergency doctor and vehicles included), they are just one call and five minutes away, when they come out in full regalia. They are running this all highly professionally, tour 107 is the least demanding.

    Here it is 112 now, the number for all and everything that leads to integrated central control. Older numbers are phased out. Every one who wants a drivers license has to do a first aid course, so most people from a certain age onwards have theoretically the ability to do first aid. But as you say Roses, the earlier the better, an afternoon at school would be really possible.

    Maybe I was still drenched in the protestant spirit from Saturday when I looked for the music, dear Scarlet … Protestants don’t dance, that’s for catholic heathens. Also smiling and joyful sinning.

    Thank you Nikos, now I have to find out about these French machines. I vaguely remember that a self cleaning public toilet once was installed, forgot where ; never heared about it again, and never saw, forget used, one myself.

    No worries Leni. The machine we were confronted with is not very thought out. The electrodes you have to put on the victim’s thorax for example had to be assembled first. Of course, when you have to give first aid on the floor of the main station, you definitely first fold and assemble different paper sheets with electrodes … origami first I say. I doubt that I’d use it.
    It was fully automated with announcements like “Take your hands off now and do not touch the patient !” – very encouraging. Basically it saves no one, as our instructor told us, it can stop auricular fibrillation / Vorhofflimmern– hence de-fibrillator – but cpr makes the heart going, not this electric toy.
    I really believe it is a business scam.

    Savannah ! I hop over asap !

  8. Times are a-changing, really Norma – she played “Stayin’ Alive” on her phone, and mentioned that “Highway to Hell” would also have a “nice rhythm for cpr”. Promptly a younger participant (black-clad, historical Amon Amarth t-shirt, wild beard) started to rumble while working the phantom. My neighbour and me started humming & swaying what brought us serious looks from the instructor.

  9. Du bist eine schamlose Schmeichlerin Leni – danke !

    *cough* – the condensed summary of La dame aux camélias ; it also works for MANN’s Zauberberg, dear Grouchy.
    Wasn’t it a waltz ? The king of Siam, heavens …

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