… schlummbelum-belum …

I very much like the fact that the Tag der Arbeit  (Ger., Eng.) is celebrated with a day off. I slept in after a night of weird dreams I sadly can not recall, this time I really have interest in them. I woke up several times and had the impression that it was much earlier than it actually was (awoke at five, thought it was about eight in the morning), and when I went back to sleep I had the impression that the dream’s action would simply go on, as if what I had done or “was in” would simply continue. I only “really” slept , dreamless & undisturbed, in the morning and awoke at noon. All this is very unusual for me. Over the last days there was a bit of tension and stress around, but things seem to have cleared up. Now it’s time to finally write down this damn piece about the village’s fountains – yes, I still haven’t done it, shame on me !
Spring took a break, cool weather, grey skies, now and then rain. This morning they erected the Maibaum (Ger., Eng.), with hum-tata and beer, well done lads. While driving I often listen to the Bavarian State Radio’s station 1, and I am a bit astonished how they work on “Bavarian identity” by emphasising “traditions”, be it the maypole, be it “Tracht” (= traditional costumes) – happily spinning the yarn about “age-old” origin and descent of these set pieces. They should know that all this is purest 19th century romanticism, inventions for a purpose in order to construct a kind of identity for a newly formed state, the brand new kingdom of Bavaria, by the grace of Napoleon. Perhaps as a “Franconian” I’m a bit too critical, or I simply do not like the hypertrophied old-Bavarian “mia san mia”-ego, it always smells a bit of stale Weizenbier.
BTW in Munich finally a museum was opened that deals with the history of the Hauptstadt der Bewegung (Ger.) ; Munich was remarkably reluctant to tackle this topic over the last seventy years, while Nuremberg, the Stadt der Reichsparteitage, attacked this heritage a bit more offensive.
While the look into the news of this week was mostly frightening, I find one thing a bit outstanding : There is the small chance that what we call the universe is in fact a hologram, a kind of projection then. Perhaps it’s all shadow-play only, and some of the players got awfully drunk and rude, that could explain some of the murderous nonsensical atrocities one has to watch while stumbling over this planet. On the other hand, those responsible for blossoms, flowers, petals and scents did a fine job. Oh, and cats too, of course.

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  1. Happy Tag der Arbeit, Mago.
    The hologram theory sounds surprising, though I’ve always had a hard time trying to understand what the 4th dimension and entropy of entanglement are.

    PS.- What does hum-tata mean? Is that a typical food? A regional dance? Please enlighten me.


  2. Maybe the forth dimension is time, but I am not sure Leni – physically I’m zero :) – and entropic tangles do escape me too, you really know strange words !
    “Humt-ta” – music : The band of the local Musikverein plays music appropriate for the occasion. This may range from more or less folk-sy tunes to popular songs, with a bit of ACDC thrown in. Some of these bands, or little orchestras, reach an astounding level. I once heard one in Southern Tyrol that could have climbed on the stage of a concert hall ; one here in a village some years ago really was digging the performance, despite rain and wind. It can also be humta-hell when they simply have enough & run out of steam. “Humta” is an onomatopoetic echo of the tuba (or a similar instrument) that gives the main rhythm – it’s not the Generalbass – by marking the start of a new “Takt”, such giving sometimes badly needed orientation to those who have to do the melody. Again – there is absolutely no reason to ridicule those musicians – every one who has the guts to go out on stage & perform earns applause and sympathy, and the members of the humta-bands are all laymen. Sometimes they do not perform, but massacre the piece, one never knows.

  3. I think it started when they began to muddle with the em-drive and bent the Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum, dear Pirate. I think someone accidentially pointed a laser somewhere and found that it was travelling faster than light – perhaps they stumbled in a warp field by accident – and we can’t sleep anymore !

  4. Oh dear. I have tried to read the hologram link… I understood the bit about the credit card… but then I came over more stupid than usual.

  5. Why deal with unnecessary details Scarlet – entangeled entropy to and fro – holographic principles work in a flat universe, they calculated it on two different ways and came to matching results. What it actually means is still to be found out – maybe the Pirate is not far from truth.
    And btw you are not stupid.

  6. There is some stale Weizenbier-ness in Austin as well.

    One is “Keep Austin Weird.” Originally an effort to promote local businesses; but now mostly t-shirts, bumper stickers, and coffee mugs. The other is Austin promoting itself as the “Live Music Capital Of The World.” What that means is that one can see marginal garage bands in local bars and restaurants. To me, both seem like rather silly and vain attempts to strike a “hipper than thou” pose.

    PS: Thank you for adjusting the link color. I was having a bit of trouble seeing them.

  7. entropy-r-us-LX – you are absolutely right, they are just copy cats !
    I think “Weird Austin” and Bavarian “mia san mia”-ness are good examples for social engineering, creating Corporate Identity perhaps.
    The pale blue was not recognisable, sorry, I only realised when I looked for the links, so I took the red colour scheme.
    Today’s youth is not so sporty anymore … This year it seems to be quiet (pics), while at other places things escalate.

    I have no clue Nikos ! A question worth a philosophical seminar.

  8. Some believe that there are circles of energy that criss-cross the planet and where these circles converge or intersect become hotspots of activity. It helps to explain places like the Bermuda triangle. It also helps to explain why places (like Pensacola where I live) are unusually popular for large gatherings of alternative peoples. Asheville North Carolina is another and why Austin Texas is so WEIRD.

    Keep Austin Weird!

  9. When I start reading about quantum physics and multiple dimensions it makes my stupid hurt, so I stop.

    Happily, I haven’t seen any Morris dancing around here. I’m not keen on the hanky waving. It’s also a bit “made up” and I’m not partial.

    Happy May Day!

  10. Freely roving energy … I had to look for the places you mention Pirate, had no idea about Asheville. Sometimes, depending on where you look at, large parts of the US looks like a pretty weird place from this side of the pond.

    I still haven’t got this Morris thing Roses. Hanky waving – the Greeks have a dance, men form a line, and the last has a hanky in his hand, this is as much as I know about hanky-dance.

    Teehee, hands off me jumpa Autolycos ! Isn’t this a young Oliver Reed in the clip ? I’m not sure, he looks unfamiliarly sober …

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