Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Sorry, I’m late. To my excuses, yesterday was the first really relaxed day for quite some time, a very enjoyable day in the sun, spent mostly in a baroque garden watching birds, fish and the sun sparkling on the water. Later a new resting place needed testing, on a hill looking over the village, where the old wooden benches were replaced with new equipment that is formed like a wave. At first glance it looks a bit strange but the ameublement is astoundingly comfortable.

And comfortable I feel now too, because of what happened at work this morning. In jedem Korb ist ein fauler Apfel, as the saying goes, and the rotten apple decided to hit at me last week, what lead to fundamentally different reactions of my co-driver and me. While she was kicked into immediate action, I needed some time to get my head around what had actually happened.
It seems that all the years of working “free-lance”, within institutions now and then but well outside hierarchies, in office environments of different sorts (academic or “higher” administration), and most of the time simply from my own desk – that all this made me unaware of blunt and ugly malice, which in turn caught me out unaware and by surprise. I had to think about it for some days until I decided that all this is worth nothing, sterile and of no account and surely nothing I should bring home with me. So I came to a conclusion and planned a reaction, but it seems that I not only have become unaware of plain idiocy but also of the force of the group. Without any action by me this morning some people gathered and voiced their discontent with the bad apple, his last actions pointed against me were seemingly just the tip of the iceberg, or the proverbial straw.
I watched in awe, a lot of discontent showed up, people are simply fed up with the antics of the playground-bully. It was helpful that the supervisor had shown up this morning (he was there for different reasons) and I watched lively discussions. El supremo talked to me before the fun started, they want to send me to some training or such, maybe I’ll learn the secret handshake and all this.
I am looking forward to the short working week of just three days, with Himmelfahrtstag (Ger., Eng.) on Thursday, soon Pfingsten (Ger., Eng.) will be here, pentecostes – hopefully some of the holy spirit will be available & enlighten us all.

For all “rambling rakes of poverty” a song by Charles IVES (Ger., Eng.), A Son of A Gambolier, sung by Ryan MacPHERSON, accompanied by various artists (who are listed on youtube) – I hope you enjoy it. Here’s a cup of coffee to a hassle-free week !



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I am really baffled Mr Peenee, a flock of middle-aged women can be a kind of force. Some old scores seem to be about being settled, I just have to look on.
    I have no clue what this training will bring, or where it’s aimed at. I suspect it is more a kind of “evaluation”, they want to have a closer look. As long as no “team building activities” are involved I am perfectly happy with it.

  2. Team building activities are good. I hope they make you go zip lining.

    I’m glad the jerk is getting dealt with in your work scene my friend! Have a great week!

  3. At least it is not sensitivity training for kicking the rotten apple ten feet into a trash can (my preferred method for correction – but then again, I’m American and we burn buildings in riot).

    I loved the kazoo chorus of your selected piece today.

  4. yikes! all of that drama at work has my head reeling. i’m glad for you that it all seems to have been resolved. hang in there, sugar, and keep posting such fun music! xoxoxox

    @lx i had no idea that’s the song the georgia tech song was based on! ;)

  5. Zip lining … why make such a fuss ? Just throw me from the cliff.
    I’m built for comfort Happy Apathy !

    I see from the wiki entry that Georgia Tech skipped the lager beer but conserved the whiskey clear – well, efficiency i say ! Engineers after all.
    At the moment I can’t imagine that it would be “touchy-feely” LX, perhaps more “kicky-arsey”, I’ll report right back. It will take place sometime in the Pfingstferien.

    The rotten apple seemingly had his chance, dear Grouchy. As I understood his behaviour becomes a little deviant every two months or so, people really are fed up with his antics. But burning at the stake would nevertheless be a bit … fulsome.
    Kazoos are underrated !

  6. Oh blimey! This is what happens when you step out into the world after the comfort of functioning as an individual… all this drama kicks off and you don’t know where to put yourself. I fear I would be the same as you these days. I am out of practice with the drama.
    Good luck with the course!

  7. Clearly, we were separated at birth dear Scarlet.
    I like to think of the drama as something that keeps my arteries free from stuff. I think Doc THOMPSON once saied something like this.

  8. Fear ye not team building kindergarten nonsense! I actually won the last such event an Engineer in a sea of lawyers. Patronising bunch, I had to point out that my study of plastic collapse theory had at last become useful in the design of a fizzy drink can suspension system constructed solely of newspaper and sticky tape.

  9. I’ll be the sole Volkskundler among other people of who I know nothing, but this is the usual Nikos. I could give an improvised lecture about “Barock” and/or cultural theories – but I doubt that it would help me. So it’s back to “surprise me” and relying on survival instinct.
    Ha – another kazooh-lover !

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