Hot Cars

Goodness … usually I come back from the afternoon tour sometime between 16:00 and 16:30, today it was 17:30. As I started I heard in the radio about accidents on the Autobahnen surrounding town, one lorry lost some thousands of chicken ; approaching my first destination I had to pass an overturned truck ; when we went to pick up the kids, we saw another accident, while another one was reported to have taken place behind us. Finally I ended up with a round-trip through the inner city, because another outward road was blocked by another truck, it lost some tons of sewage sludge, yippiehahyeah. Drivers from the Autobahn choose to take the short-cut over the Stadtring filling up the last space left from the daily rush-hour I have to find my way through, so it was a bit of carmageddon this afternoon.
It was after all a nice drive because the aircon worked very efficiently, it was the hottest day of the year so far. At one stop I met a colleague who stood bleary-eyed next to his vehicle, he has an inner city route and usually is far more early at this station. His air condition had given in, poor bloke, neatly boiled. I drove along the river bank, there were some nice prospects & friendly trees giving shade.
Thunder and downpour finally started two hours ago, it had built up through the whole day. The air is crisp and clear now, still some single belated lightnings linger around, the blackbirds are unimpressed and carry on with their evening gossip. One more working day, then four days off for sleeping, walking, reading, hallelujah. If today was a foretaste of what summer will bring …

11 thoughts on “Hot Cars

  1. Die Autohuhn? [dodges thrown Silvaner Bocksbeutel]

    If the chickens were running loose, maybe it would have been fun to have the kids try to recapture some of them. Of course, if the chickens were smashed flat, never mind.

  2. I just side-stepped (in a surprisingly elegant way ) the trail of destruction, dear Scarlet. And yes, absolutely, it was the weather – a pretty giftiges Licht through the whole day, this small evening thunder storm was cleaning (bicarbon and vinegar …)

    I heared in the news that cops & firemen were chasing some thousand chickens on the autobahn, what a job … I think the silent girl who sits in the front seat would have liked to play with a chicken, the boys not so much. BTW the boy in the electrical wheel chair won a prize or award of some sort lately, his abilities with the chair played a role, but I did not understand it fully.
    Wasn’t there an electrical chicken once, sorry can’t remember LX.

  3. Blimey! Your trip through the carnage sounds rather like that of John Cusack’s drive through Los Angeles during that massive earthquake in 2012.
    I hope today passes quickly for you, and that the weather stays nice for your time off.

  4. Hello stranger! **picks a kiwi cube from LX** Delicious!
    **waves hello to Scarlet, LX and IDV**

    I thought that cars and buses in Germany didn’t need the aircon! Poor thing, you’re not used to such heat! Here in South Sandwich we hit 45ºC (=113F) almost every summer due to African heat waves (we’re suffering the first one now, with nearly 35ºC!

    Keep your hat on, honey! ;)

  5. Good to see you lovely Leni !
    The heat is still some weeks away, but I’ve already tested the aircon in the car. Last week we did not have dust from the Sahara, but clouds of Blütenstaub, mostly from pollen from spruce – Fichtenpollen.
    Yes, der Hut bleibt drauf ! :)

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