How to (be made) Jump

Imagine it was an early day. Sun shines in while you soak in your bathtub at midday. The water has just the right temperature, fresh air softly waves in from an open window. You read one or two pages and realise that you are too tired to follow the text. So you put the book away, search and find a comfortable position in the warm and friendly water, you hear birds sing through the open kitchen window, put the warm washcloth on your chest, after all it is a bit fresh outside ; you are already dozing off, just some quiet minutes … distantly you hear someone approaching your front door very fast and determined, the bell pierces your ears, a sharp knock very near, I jumped out of my skin squealin’ like a piglet.
At least I had put the book on higher ground.

13 thoughts on “How to (be made) Jump

  1. With water colours, dear Norma.

    Yes, important, dear Scarlet.

    Comes near to it LX – but Marat’s bathtub was much more practical with that working space / surface.

    A flake advert ? Sorry Scarlet, I have no clue. A cleaning product ?

  2. The Flake advert shows how one can lounge about in the bath eating chocolate while the overflow washes every floor in one’s home! All will become clear when Ms Scarlet gets back.

    Did you get out of the bath to see who it was, Mago? I wouldn’t have done. I love my baths too much!

  3. At least something that molten stone is good for, Vulcan LX.
    (BTW you have a bit of lava on yer cheek, sorry.)

    I jumped like a trout – or like Moby Dick, depends on your perspective IDV

    It was a friend in need, so all was justified, lovely Roses !

    Oh dear … sorry Scarlet, I had no idea. “Flake” is unknown to me, never saw this in a shop here. And knob-turning ladies rubbing their lips can sell really anything.

    My thoughts went into the same direction LX !

  4. Suebians, eh ?! They never throw things away … I guess it was the next logical step LX, from playing programmed & reproducing files to direct human interaction via keyboard. I wonder if there will be pieces composed for this kind of instrument ? Did not Schoenberg and others compose musical pieces for the early electronic organs ? Adding printers and scanners for more variation and colours, an electric cathedral … is this (double-) retro-futurism nobody has ever thought of ? Mankind is awesome !

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