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Hubbaahh – Pfingstmontag counts as Sunday, at least in civilized societies, so no worries. Tomorrow in the damndarkmorning (thank you for this word, Savannah) mago Inc. will start an expedition into the heart of the middlefranconian darkness, in pursuit of adventure, contract & cash : Let’s hope for the best. And while hoping – Mr. Knudsen had his birthday some days ago (22nd of May) – Happy Birthday, Søren ! – let’s hope that some of the holy spirit accidentally spills over and drips a bit on him, and on the rest of us too, we all could use a bit of enlightenment & stuff.

Without further ado – this Sunday Music is Toccata II by Johann Jacob FROBERGER (1616-1667) (Ger., Eng.), performed by Stanislav HELLER (Eng., obit), I hope you enjoy it. FROBERGER had an interesting life, was travelling a lot, and – of course, 17th century ! – a melancholicus. His œvre is really worth to be discovered, at least imho. His life ended in Montbéliard – sounds a lot better than the German Mömpelgard ! (Ger., Eng.) – at the court of Sybilla von Württemberg. There were some ladies of this name, these Suebian Sybillae seemingly had a good influence, on the nature-boys they were married to, as well as on the people they were to reign, their courts being islands of civilization in natural wilderness …



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  1. Sorry Norma – I have no tv and do not follow the latest series. As from what I see on the web it’s something like a dwarf-throwing-game – don’t know whether Froberger was into dwarf-throwing, it’s absolutely possible given the times he lived through, but I doubt that Sybilla would have allowed it.

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