Plans, eh ?!

Leaving in the ddm, spending the larger part of the day by looking at tons of papers, plans mostly ; all of a sudden in the late afternoon one finds oneself standing in front of some people who want to go home, presenting a project one has  – sorry for the rude expression – pulled out of the derrière in the early afternoon over two cups of coffee, or, to be correct, one chocolate and one coffee. What started as a “come over and have a look at our plans”-trip morphed into (the vague chance of) a full-scale project of at least nine months, or possibly more. Frightening and funny at the same time.
One part of the archive materials is stored in a 1902 madhouse. The guide would marvel at the impressing construction of the windows (“vandalenfest”) ; the sophisticated way of in-direct lightning and the very modern heating installations ; the unbreakable doors ; yeah, very impressive cell, state of the art in times of Emperor Wilhelm II. Nevertheless the doors are carefully blocked with stuff, so they don’t slam shut, and the whole building is downright nightmare-inducing – thank you, I won’t work there and do not want to see the small exhibition on the first floor. Especially when I’d have to pass the modern high-security facility next door in the evening. Even on this sunny afternoon it gave the impression of a 1943 prisoner of war camp.
It was an exhausting, and perhaps promising, expedition into Middle Franconia. If there should ever materialize a project, it would start in spring 2016 earliest, all their budget-planning for this year is through, all this needs a long notice – einen langen Vorlauf, while everybody else lives hand-to-mouth, oh hell yeah, we’re flexible.
No, I do not want to mumblegrumblegrouse. I just look in astonishment at the way public administration is doing business, it’s always astounding again. I should be used to it now, working as a trigger man in the public sector of culture is nothing new to me, and here my role would be to cover the head-honcho’s derrière against attacks, simply because the job (the whole project as it constitutes itself right now) involves to get rid of a lot of stuff. And nothing is worse than to cull materials, files, plans esp. from an archive, one needs a very good explanation for doing this. You can easily get things into an archive, you can barely get them out. And given the history of the institution in question, their more or less hostile relation with the responsible archive of the state, I can’t help but feel like being elected for the position of scapegoat.
I have the feeling that I shouldn’t worry now. Pay me and I shred it. After all it’s just paper, this brittle stuff they used for copies all through the last century, and besides me and one or two blokes who want to get rid of the stuff, nobody will know what was in there. And let’s be honest, most of these ten thousand files are simply nonsense.
But it’s nothing to built on, just a vague promise, so I’ll keep my hand in the lottery, and drive kiddies, that’s an honest job after all.

12 thoughts on “Plans, eh ?!

  1. What sort of files are these that need shredding??? Are you working for the British Government… they seem to be fond of ‘losing’ files.
    I have just remembered that I am supposed to post something today!

  2. Your description of the Madhouse sounds like a horror story waiting to happen. Especially as the sound of shredding paper will mask the sounds of an approaching something-or-other!

  3. Hallo magolein!
    Oh, the sounds of running paper through a shredder! I do hope you get the job though. Guess what, I’ll be in Germany at the end of the month. I have a bit of trepidation about the trip. It’s been 12 years since I have been there. My mother is not there anymore as well as my brother. However, I still have plenty of relatives in the Palatinate. I actually still have some business to take care of there.

  4. This madhouse IS a horror story, IDV !

    Keine Angst Foam … I hope it will be a good visit, auch wenn Du einen Friedhof besuchen musst. Es gehört dazu. Und allein bist Du nicht. Ei, de Palz ! Will you go to other places (in Germany or Europe) too ? Is it just a stopover on your world-tour ?

  5. Want to spent some time in Franconia ? I can show you around in the capital of the Frankenwein !
    We have a castle, a Residenz, Silvaner … Kulturra vill gutt ! Modern art is present in a collection of “Konkrete Kunst”. Tons of Baroque – these Parisians have no clue … End of June should see good weather here, not too hot yet.

  6. Sure! I’ll look at my schedule. I’ll probably spend the first week in k’ lautern to take care of business. Mid July I’m in Paris for a week with a cousin. I’ll check into trains. Can you recommend inns or hostels? A very, very long time ago I lived in kitzingen.

  7. So you / we could go there, just twenty minutes away. LX used some inns/hostels/hotels around in town, he saw them from within, I’m sure he can say something about them. Basically there is any kind of “Übernachtung” available here. Sorry, more on Thursday, when I’ll be back.

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