Sunday Music

All this talk about shredding … suddenly last week I found myself at the desk without any particular task wandering through tons of files amassed on the computer, so I decided to weed out the obsolete, sort the rest – et voilà, a lot of nonsense is gone. While I was at it I had a look into the bookmarks of my browser, lately I found it difficult to locate links I know to have stored. Tons of dead links are thrown out, the rest is tolerably organized so that I at least have a chance to find stuff again. What had to go completely were the youtubes, simply much too much, more of a burden than a helpful tool.
Today wonderful Z hosts the blog party, wish I could be there !

Some relaxed & relaxing music for the weekend – unique Maxine SULLIVAN (bio.) brings us Irving BERLIN’s Blue Skies in a 1937 recording – hope you enjoy it.
May it be a relaxed and peaceful week for all of us !




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Many apologies if this is redundant information.

    Pedantic Corner: Archiving Bookmarks. In Firefox, Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Export Bookmarks to HTML. I find this helpful if I want to later return to a previously deleted bookmark using the Import function.

  2. No worries LX, there is no “überflüssige” information. Here (chrome-derivate) it is an imp/ex-function in the “bookmark manager”. Thankfully it creates a html-file that has the date in the filename automatically. I just push them into the same directory and try not to look inside …

    The singer seems to have a kind of skin condition, IDV, giving his greenish complexion, but it may be my screen.The reptile-based living form seemingly does not connect to Mr. Berlin’s work easily, I am sorry for him. I like Maxine, she’s easy & elegant.

  3. Easy, elegant and bluesy. Very nice!! I hear you on the bookmarks. I have to do that too one of these days. I’m not much of one for housekeeping duties, unfortunately.

    What happened to the tadpoles?

  4. HA, when I made you smile – then it is a success, dearest Savannah !

    The tadpoles – I have to go and look into the pond, dear Ponita. I hope they grew and will turn into thousands of frogs – quack … Or do you mean the header-picture ? They change randomly. Tadpoles included. 🙂

  5. I try not to store bookmarks any more unless I definitely use them… like BBC News… I had so many links on my old PC that I never clicked on.
    Have a wonderful week, Mr Mags.

  6. I can’t help, there’s always a category “To Be Used” or the like. Or I have an idea for a post, collect links, and then do not write it – the links are there, sometimes even properly filed. Ach Herrjeh …
    The week will start with travel into Hassia tomorrow, dear Scarlet, will be back on Wednesday evening.

  7. I’m feeling a bit fluffy too, Hoppelschaum dearest … mail will follow soon, not tonight darling …

    I sit in awe LX. I remember these simple structures we built in “Werkunterricht”, when we “learned” to use a hammer and bolt something together from wood – and mostly it was something where some marbles would roll down, and perhaps ring a bell and/or push something – but this thing is simply great ! I really like the orange marble, it overtakes, a real runner. And the scene towards the end, when this little “Stau” is finally released, simply by more marbles clicking on the whole bunch … einfach klasse !

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