Sunday Music

Here we go again. The lazy days are over, back to work, bills and the usual. For me until end of July, then there’ll be the summer holidays, through the hottest time of the year.

I like the Baroque, I like the guitar – so here is a short piece by Gaspar SANZ (1640-1710) (Ger., Eng.), Canarios, in the version of Carlos BONELL (Eng.). (For a different approach, see this version by Diogo RODRIGUES.) Whatever version you prefer – I hope you’ll like it.
Have a good and peaceful week !



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely summery music, its winter here and it’s quite cold already, electric blanket and double doona time… getting down to nearly 0c at night. the guitarist really does enjoy playing his instrument….

  2. Yes, summer holidays, smelling of tanning oil, sea and melted ice cream … And feeling a bit melancholic, because the days in the sun are over oh so soon, dearest Scarlet.

    The temperature dropped dramatically, halved over night, but the rooms are still very warm (the car also) ; much needed rain, in the South of Bavaria too much of it. But the next heat weave is forecasted, Wednesday shall bring nearly 30°C, but I doubt it LX. If it does it will be hard on the “Kreislauf”.

    I find it interesting what an older man does with the piece compared to the younger virtuoso – who uses a baroque guitar, while BONELL uses a classical one. Both do it according to their style, and age, lovely Savannah.

    Dearest Princess – what is a “doona” ? They both enjoy their instruments, but in a different way. Say, Princess, are your forefathers from Niederweisel ? Sorry for being so impertinent, but I’d really like to know.

  3. I’m just about to retire to bed, and thought I’d give this a quick listen – It’s just about right to keep me awake to enable a spot of light reading. Good choice!

  4. Darling – we have tons of baroque lying around here – and perhaps I’ll find a guitar-player for you !
    You got mail, dear Hoppelschaum !

    I’m glad that you like it IDV – will you compare the two versions ? Maybe I’m just getting old … anyway, it’s the course of history, afk now, sleep well.

  5. I’m waiting for the hottest time of the year…waiting….waiting….

    Glad to hear you’re on the home straight to the summer hols. What are your plans?

  6. My plan is to survive, dear Roses, until holidays, holiday heat, and the bloody rest.

    This font is of exquisite ugliness LX. The German wiki-entry links to downloads. And I am glad to learn that the republic of Athos accepted it too.

  7. Oh, yes, the comparison! I prefer the Carlos Bonell version as the other one, while still quite lovely, sounds far more modern – hardly very Baroque at all towards the end. It sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of a middling family/friends drama film.

  8. No need to thank me, dear LX, the friendly wiki-people did link these fonts. It would be really tempting to use it, just to see how it works on a page – wie es “fällt” auf der Seite.

    Today I heared a very jazzy version of a baroque piece in the radio, IDV. Of a Purcell song – it was a bit strange after all. Sometimes it’s overdone.

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