“dusky diesel shudders in full cry”

Buhaa … the heat arrived not like the proverbial sledgehammer, but it came in fast, over night. I am a bit irritated, or at least was it through the day ; actually I feel veryvery old, but not yet tired enough to crawl into my bed. My compatriots did feel the same irritation today, what was expressed in brainmelting driving this morning ; two blokes were on clear confrontation course and I avoided the impact only by brisk braking. One was seemingly still drunk from last night, or suffering from poor blood circulation, hypoxia & impending brain death. This one was really dangerous, the other was just terrible dumb.
Anyway the kids were delivered safely, they perhaps learned new words – I tend to use my natural dialect when I am agitated, one could call it colourful. The afternoon saw a giant traffic jam caused by accidents at a local bottleneck, construction sites on the Autobahnen (hence a lot of people taking oh-so-short detours through the city), and general madness on wheels. The aircon, while fully working, was struggling to cool down the car. Tomorrow I will receive a safe driving training (“Fahrsicherheitstraining”) (“bring your own operational vehicle !”), scheduled from early morning to late afternoon, yippieahyeah – pedal to the metal, electronic stability control is for the weak !
Wonder what they can teach me. Now let’s put an end to this chanson de geste (Ger., Eng.).
The title of this waffle is a line from Journeyman, take number five on Jethro Tull’s Heavy Horses (1978), GOd my memory is overspammed.

11 thoughts on ““dusky diesel shudders in full cry”

  1. It all sounds very “Mad Max” over there. Just remember what Tina Turner said: “We don’t need another hero”. Keep avoiding those traffic calamities, Mago!

  2. Ohgod – Hill Street Blues ! One of my favourites !
    In the German version he saied “Es ist ein Zoo da draußen”. When cable came to (West-)Germany – and all of a sudden there were 12 or so channels – one of the lesser stations aired them late night. The (stately run) ZDF also did it, but I do not remember to have seen it on this program. I basically avoided the ZDF for some time, especially in the eighties.
    There were cheaply done translations / syncronisations, not only from the Blues, but from Married With Children, Night Court etc.

  3. No worries IDV – *channelling John Wayne* I just stand my ground !
    Seriously, I avoid anything confrontational while driving the kids : I would never be able to pardon meself if one of them would be harmed because of my incompetence. So I absolutely take no risks there, it’s defensive driving from the teaching book, fuelled by some experience, too. If I mention something here, it really is simply because things were close and stressful, as it was today. One can drive filled with Franciscan spirit of peacefulness and love, if some idiot decides it’s a good idea to push yer bus from the road you need to react and avoid the worst. St.Christophorus may help me.

  4. Come to think of it LX – I never watched hospital series, like ER or this “trapper md”, sorry, do not recall the correct title. I have no idea why.
    I am sure that this one was aired here if it was available on the market, because in those days they needed programs – and there was nothing in German available, no productions here. I think this basically started from scratch with RTL etc. So when they bought the “Blues”, I’m sure that “St.Elsewhere” also was aired, but to my best knowledge, I never watched / saw it. Perhaps similar or comparable to Waiting for God ?

    I vaguely remember a Danish short series about a “haunted” hospital that creeped me out like rarely something else … it was strangely addictive, but beat me – I forgot the title. Escusate, must sleep now.

  5. I used to help on school visits and always felt very protective of the kids – probably took more care over them than of my own children.

    I chose the hottest day of the year so far to turn out sheds. A lot of heavy stuff to move. I pretty well melted.

  6. i totally understand about driving children! and add heat to the normal routine? EVERYONE goes crazy. we’re at the beginning of a serious heatwave here. today will be in the upper 90sF and continue to get hotter as the week progress. because we have such high humidity here, the heat index, or feels like, temperatures will be close to 105F and higher! i’m staying in as much as i can where ‘s it a steady 74F thanks to air conditioning! xoxoxox

  7. I’m slowly back to working temperature, dear Scarlet !

    Engines, coal sacks – how many shacks are still unopened Z ?

    Oh yes, they are well behaved Hoppelschaum. Only the guy right behind me now and then feels the need to grab me by the neck. I’m working on my zen-like approach.

    I think Scarlet is right, it is nearly dangerous as ice Savannah. We are not used to heat here, people become aggressive. All one can do is to stay in the cool, avoid any alcohol at all cost, and be extra careful on the road. Sadly there was no thunderstorm, not yesterday nor today, the land could use some water and the air some cleaning.

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