Sunday Music

Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Time evaporates, puff and gone. I’m running around while sitting, am always at a different place, barely in the now. But I think things will get slower while the heat increases.

Some come-down music by Murad KAJLAYEV (Eng.), Minuet (1966), hope you like it. I rise my glass to an un-eventful, peaceful week. One may wish.




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Very satisfying ! Much better than the old stuff we had in the nineties, especially because there was no real chair movement.
    It’s really a long way since the old arcade days.

    I’ll start to save and one day I’ll do the new DOOM in full detail on the fastest meanest machine I can get for money. Just go straight and blamm, I confess that I found this always deeply relaxing.

  2. Maybe you invented unintentionally the ten-months-year ?

    No worries Norma, we like you !
    You are a great person.
    Chin up, tits out !

    [No congratulations yet, it’s still too early. No, I’m not superstitious at all, perhaps a little bit, but it means bad luck when one does this too early, knock on wood, three crosses …]

  3. Thank you Mitzi, you are a true master of the art of compliments.

    Exactly Savannah, “chillax”, as those posh Brits call it. I first thought it was a new laxative.

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