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Europe is entirely occupied by The Heat. Well, not entirely … One small village in Devon still holds out, where our lovely Scarlet is “listening to the torrential rain hammering on my conservatory roof” – what promptly sent her into a Major SULK, lucky basted. She also lets me know : “and Mr Mags – it’s in the kitchen, first shelf on the left, just so you know.”
Since I read this I cudgel my brains – what IS in the kitchen, first shelf left ? I find it hard to sleep through the night because of The Heat, now add MsScarlet‘s mysterious insinuations – I’m a wreck. Speculations about MsScarlet‘s kitchen are very welcome !

In other news – ach, nobody wants to hear about Greece any more, who cares anyway ? The 4th of July is over – belated congratulations to the one or two Americans who drop by, may “Amerga” (as we Franconians pronounce it) “dif tor heh smusma” -, the Sachalin monster is identified, now its time for “big cats” to show up in the news. In German “Saure Gurken Zeit”, when “pickled cucumbers” make it into the news. À propos cats, they took over Norfolk too.

The supreme court of the US ruled in favour of same-sex marriages, what lead to some interesting reactions on the conservative side, like one man who saied this decision could and should be ignored. Yeah, a really fine understanding of constitutionality shown. BTW I am not sure whether the label “conservative” is correct in this respect, many I see in the (American) news & media who are responsible for such brain-melting nonsense call themselves “conservative” – I am simply not sure what this “conservativism” contains, a deplorable lack of manners in any case – all will be better under president Trump.
An article in Slate magazine cited from the dissenting opinion of judge Clarence THOMAS (Ger., Eng.) (pdf, see page 17), who declared :

Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them. And those denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away.

I beg to differ your ‘onour. The word “internment camps” awakes my dried out brain a bit, homosexuals were sent to camps here in Germany – and throughout Europe under German rule until 1945 – together with Jews, Gypsies, political dissenters and “Asoziale”, basically who ever did not fit into the ideas of the ns ideology. All these people did lose their dignity, it was part of the goddamn system to take away the dignity of the individual, and all the mantra-like incantation post festum that “humans did not lose their dignity in the camps” – read depictions, listen to survivors, they had to struggle to get their dignity back.
And those “denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits” – ? I do not know the American system of social security – if there is one – but when a state cuts benefits to poor people the state sends them begging on the streets. If the German state would end the “Hartz-IV”-payments people could not pay rents and within some months would sit on the streets begging – what certainly does not affect their dignity according to judge THOMAS. How much does he pocket a month ?
The state can not bestow dignity, simply because the dignity is inborn, it comes from being a human being – but the state can take this dignity away, deliberately or not. The job of the state is to protect the human dignity of all its subjects, no matter what colour their skin, their religious beliefs, sexual orientation or degree of disability, because otherwise blacks, jews, homos & cripples go to the camps, where their dignity is of course untouched, yeah.

Some music by Hank PENNY (Ger., Eng.), about eyes that look like cherries in a glass of butter-milk, thank you Hank … Have a cool week, beloved readers, and let me know what’s in the first shelf left ?



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  1. “In the kitchen, first shelf on the left” – I’m thinking either Extra Strong mints, Jaffa cakes, or Creme de Menthe. I’m hoping it’s not cherries in buttermilk!

  2. I’m thinking Miss Scarlet’s kitchen mystery is something like this.

    Unfortunately, US Supreme Court Justices serve for life and can only be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (US Constitution Article 2, Section 4,) and not just for being idiots. Fortunately, dissent opinions are just that — opinion — and have no standing in law.

  3. Sorry, I have no cherries here IDV, then I’d snap a picture … picture search brought nothing.

    Ah – this must be the suitcase that is still standing somewhere around Fargo, LX. It sure came around !
    It is a good thing that there is an institution, a Gremium or panel of people who are in a way exempt, deal with the most important things belonging to the state and the “Rechtsordnung”. They must be in an independent position. A bit like the cardinals. There must be the possibility of dissent, and I am sure judge Thomas is a very able man, but this argument is simply dull. I still have to read his whole writing to understand his argumentation. I wonder what the other three had to say and how their argumentation goes. I only read what was cited from judge Scalia in the media, and frankly I could make no sense of it. Again I have to read it completly.
    The German “Verfassungsrichter”, those at the highest court, are independent. They have absolutely no inclination towards some other instituion – and they are mumbling a bit, because politicians of any colour are increasingly taking “things” / subjects to this court, and the judges say it’s not their job to iron out stupidity of the executive, or decide on matters that need a discussion in the society.
    The judges need to be independent, also materially, it is really allright to give them a lot of money, and I really do not mind that judge Thomas earns some dosh. But it makes me angry when someone in a really pampered material position talks about “benefits”, and about “taking these away” – like this windbag Sarrazin (a negligible German politico) who calculated publicly how generous people can live from Hartz-IV (roughly 380 to 420 € a month) while stuffing his pockets with nearly ten thousand € monthly, payed for ruining the state of Berlin … They should all be sent into the poor quarter of town, on dole, and with a back braking shit job to “better their situation”, denn Leistung lohnt sich ja. Who survives can come back into the position he has left.

    Oh yes – please MsScarlet !

  4. That is so well expressed.

    And I love the song. It reminds me of a Saki story, ‘The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope’ – which was that he wrote popular love songs as a lucrative sideline from his work as an academic. Clovis wrote one for him, an anti-love song.

  5. Yes, I think it’s possible that Byzantine transepts can make a grown man cry. But, gladly, throwing Florrie in the quarry is avoided by a simple no-marry.
    Lucy, Cora, Mavis – Brope has a nice harem there dear Z !

  6. I see on the weather forecast for Tuesday that your area will be hotter than here (92f/33c vs 95f/35c)!

    PS: Bonus off-topic! Libyan MiG-23 low pass (maybe 2 meters?)!

  7. Officially 40°C-and-something were reached in Kitzingen on Sunday (Bild. In the small basin here we have no official measuring station, I am sure that more than 40 was reached.
    Now it’s Tuesday morning, the sun is already well over the horizon, the air outside is fresh, even cool.

    Goodness LX ! It’s in second 12 – yes, two meters, perhaps even less, he’s nearly scrapping the tarmac !

    IDV did it Mistress !
    We need Mondomix for best results !

  8. Hello! I am still alive and well. We are also melting here. We are not used to it in the Seattle area and many of us do not have air conditioners. Today was great though. Maybe I am starting to acclimatize to hot weather again, but five degrees can also make quite a difference. Thake Care, Melanie

  9. There you are Melanie ! I take that your travel(s) (last time you mentioned an airoplane) did go well – great to see you again ! The temperature dropped from the mid-thirties into the low twenties (Celsius of course). I have an headache and feel as if I’d have worked in the woods …

  10. *crunch* Engine blocks for breakfast, what a diet … I only knew “Die Rote Sau”, it may have ended in the red giant LX.

    It was exported to the continent, dear Roses !

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