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There are days … f.e. when you wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep, put on your freshly washed gear, and step out into a cool morning. The early round you have to drive is nice and hassle-free, and when you deliver your kids at school you have a friendly word with the colleague you had a small argument with some weeks ago. Meanwhile you worked together on additional stuff, things were openly discussed, and are going reasonably well – it’s communication, stupid ! Until then it was a good day, but the co-driver’s reaction changes anything. There is a long-running feud between these two lovelies, and it seems to be down to the good old “who’s not with me is against me” – and being “not with me” includes a friendly conversation with “the enemy”, and reciprocal fairness regarding parking in a cramped space, something drivers who have to manoeuver in saied cramped space strangely put some emphasis on. So the way back is filled with a strange monologue, wild stares, and hostile silence.
I do not feel the smallest inclination to work on this, or to share this over-simplified view of “good” versus “evil”. I stand firmly on my own side, and nobody else’s. I need a good working relation with other drivers and have established that. I only wish my co-driver would simply do what she always says, and ignore her “enemy” completely. But in her cosmos it is un-imaginable that something happens in the world that is not more or less directly related to herself. So be it. She has to accept that I do what I need to do without applying for her permission, and if she does not, I can and will not help. It would probably be expected too much if she could also refrain from opening doors while the car is still moving and not yet parked ; I only narrowly avoided to run over her legs two times, this dangerous idiocy is an accident in waiting. Just three more weeks until summer vacations, oh yeah.

It took me some time  to find a Sunday Music today, but here is Jethro Tull’s Thick As a Brick – in a short three minutes version, no worries, not the whole album.
I hope you like it, and have an easy week.



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  1. Yay! First!

    I’m glad you had a good day even if your co-driver didn’t. It sounds like she needs something to happen that will put things like this into perspective for her? Although, as you point out, there may not be an event large enough for her to enable this save the end of the Universe.

    Good choice of tune.

  2. It seems like Princess Co-driver is under the impression that co-workers are there for her convenience.

    Hang in there until Summer break.

  3. Congratulations IDV ! I’ll look what I can find in the Infomaniac-Gift-Shop for you !
    I do not know what she needs to happen, what the great Om has stored for her, I only hope it’s not a leg broken by my bus.

    BTW – I took this scientific test and was told I’d resemble a Hendrick’s Gin – to my uttermost dismay I have not touched this stuff and have no clue about the trademark’s public image : Is this drinker’s delight, upper class tipple or just a good gin ? Can you – or another of my venerated readers – help me with this please ?

    She finally stopped to tell me how to drive, because I always ignored it, after six months, so she has the ability to learn. But she does not stop to tell me where to park the bus at the “Zentrum” – and it took me some time to get my head around this. She always pointed me exactly into a spot where others would get into difficulties. I put an end to this by communicating with the fellow drivers, not throwing stones at them. I think that is treason in her eyes. Now I slowly understand why there were a few drivers on this route over the last two years LX. Usually the knights – and of course the people at the institution who take care of the kids – are interested in long-term-drivers & stable relations between the kids and the people who care for them, drivers included. They do not want much change. Most of the others are on their routes for years. So it seems the lady has worn out some colleagues over the last two years.
    I think I can handle most things there, but when she’s again ripping a slide door open while I still manouever along a wall I’ll get seriously angry, steel and torque are no fun when there’s no space to escape. I wonder what’s still in, she has no ability to de-escalate.

  4. Oh dear, your co-driver seems a little stressed! Please, please stop her from opening the doors while the vehicle is still moving – I am not liking this practice. Meanwhile, roll on the summer holidays!

  5. P.S I was Beefeater Gin…. which is odd, because I don’t like Gin. I have no idea about Hendricks Gin. But I do know better than to leap from a moving bus!

  6. She certainly is stressed Scarlet, but mostly by things she brings up herself. Her modus operandi is escalation at all cost, I watched it over the last half year at two occasions connected with the driving job, and understand from her narrations that this is what she does in other situations too. It sometimes works in her favour. The idea “all in the world is against me” may either be the basis of her actions, or this conception is a result of her actions – I do not know and do not want to explore. I stick to good old appeasement.
    I wouldn’t mind if she jumps out of the bus while it moves, so I’d have a chance to slow down or stop, but she opens doors from the outside while the vehicle is still moving in very tight places, and I can not have my eyes everywhere. As most of the other co-drivers she did not seriously learn how to marshal vehicles. There are some well established and very well proven rules about this. Besides, common sense tells anybody not to stand between a moving vehicle and a concrete wall or open a damn door while I have to avoid pillars and mirrors. Anyway, enough of that.

    Beefeater – whow, very English, very London. Gin is surely an acquired taste, and it’s a dangerous brew.

    I will print this out and make my own plaque LX !

    And sometimes I happily join the mortar, dear Norma !

  7. I’ve got a bottle of Hendrick’s gin in my fridge and I don’t know whether I should admit that or drop it casually into the conversation to sound impressive. It was fairly expensive, but on a special offer, which was why I bought it.

  8. How does it taste Z ? I know that this is basically un-answerable, and I have no clue whether you like / drink gin at all, but is it drinkable or good for flambé ? Sorry if you have to test this now …

  9. XL – ? Is it readable ? They got me when I had used the showcase and saw the “There” at the beginning of the text with the “h” being higher than the “T” … Yes I want this typeface ! Is colour, contrast etc. acceptable ? The heading looks flat in this grey, other colour-sets are available, this pink is not the last shot, but heck I want this set of type ! Too small in the comments ?

  10. Ja, sehr gut!

    Yes, very readable. The dark grey text on white is good contrast and works very well with the hot pink accents. The text sizes for the post and comments are very good. What is the name of the font? The ascender height is distinctive and gives a nice presentation.

    This is a good look. Go for it.

  11. I am not sure how they call it – I was reminded of the “Baskerville” from word or the something they called “Old English” or something – yeah the “Oberlänge” / ascender hight that is it !

    Please stay tuned LX – I’ll switch to an other featured colour “schema”, just a moment …

  12. I have no clue what the font is called, I had a quick look through what is available via word, found no quick match (Cambria ?). I just know that I like it – and the font only was what made me to switch. So yes, this is it. Colours may change, perhaps, I’ll use the prefab colour schemes, so no surprise on your screen(s) – it is simply the font ! Finally not Arial or something like that !

    All Annotations Welcome ! Especially regarding Readability.
    Sorry, afk now, one needs to sleep a bit, ‘mer is hald kenne zwanzich meer

  13. What an idiotic thing to do to open a door while a vehicle is still moving.
    It’s Bastilion Day. Im currently in Paris. Perhaps not this weekend, but would next weekend be good for a rendezvous? .. Although .. Or I could do this weekend..

  14. Patatino sounds like the name of a figure of the comedia dell’arte … he always carries a po-tah-toe with him …

    I think she pokes little needles in dolls just for fun and profit, dearest Princess, so be careful please, watch your back …

    You got Mehl ma chere Hoppelschaum

  15. I took that gin test and the result was Beefeater “You’re a no-nonsense drinker, and this beverage combines your two great pleasures in life: patriotism and boozing”. I was aghast! I thought I was more sophisticated.

    I must admit, I’m not au fait with Hendrick’s gin, but it sounds pretty posh, so I hope it suits you. I’m a Bombay Sapphire drinker usually, although I have been known to have a glug or two of Tanqueray. I never touch Gordon’s though .

  16. Yes, Bombay Sapphire is something I’d choose, sorry I do not know of Tanqueray. “Patriotism and boozing” – this opens a wide range from cracking cheap cans with fellow hools to downing pints with what’s-his-name, this right wing bloke who always was photographed with a beer in hand through the last election campaign, forgot his name. Both surroundings I can not imagine you in, dear IDV !

  17. I’m ‘Tesco Value Gin’. I’ve always liked Hogarth’s Gin Lane. I wonder if your co-driver was dropped on the head when she was a baby.

  18. I think “Tesco Value Gin” stands for a solid no-nonsense performance, worth every penny, honest to the bone – all attributes that are perfectly acceptable, don’t you think ?

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