Sunday Music

After all, on time.
It’s hot. And what is exhausting is not the heat itself, but the up-and-down within short intervals of time. Now we have some rain that is not really bringing cooling down, it is creating more of sticky humidity. People in the inner parts of town walk around zombie-like, like in trance. Temperatures of he first half of the coming week will stay in the middle thirties (Celsius) and then drop down to the low twenties, oh yes please !
I wanted to post more last week, write about stuff I found interesting, but it simply did not work the way I wanted, I did not even make it in the library (!). There are no dramatic occurrences to report, most of the time is spent reading on a wide range of subjects, from Vandals to modern traffic. And sleeping. At least I wrote an application for an interesting position, I still do not give up.
Today’s Sunday Music is a piece by Franz LISZT (Ger., Eng.) from his collection Années de pèlerinage (Ger., Eng.), volume I : Suisse, number 4 : Au bord d’une source, performed by Andrè LAPLANTE (Eng.).  I hope you enjoy it. Let’s face a hopefully calm and cool week.




33 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope you have air conditioning. Beautiful piece. I could never play Liszt because of my small hands. It was said he had a huge “finger spread” and could stretch far more than an octave. Good luck with your job application.

  2. Temperatures in the mid thirties? Good Heavens, Mago! No wonder you’re exhausted. I wilt in the mid twenties. I hope the first half of your week passes quickly so that those twenties arrive sooner for you.

    I love the music. Such clarity and precision with this peice. I’m going to listen to it again. Thank you!

  3. Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen ! You can have one Norma.

    I have a window, dear Grouchy. Thank you for the good wishes, it’s all open.

    Glad you like it IDV. There are other versions on youtube, but Horowitz plays Horowitz as usual (regardless of the composer, it’s always Horowitz !), Brendel is much too fast (and it’s a crappy take), a young Asian woman is very slow, so it’s Laplante – and Z likes to read the notes.

    That’s what we had last week Möör LX – it really was enough ! I could have zombied over to the library, but due to acute brain-melting I wouldn’t have known what to do there … The colour comes with a colour “Schema”, I found it better readable.

    Hello and welcome Gwyneth, thank you for your first comment here ! Wasn’t t SF’s fog the inspiration for Carpenter’s “Fog” / Nebel des Grauens ?

    Now enough of this chit-chat, let’s go and drive !

  4. I’m jealous of your heat. It’s been skirting the early 20s here and it’s just not good enough!

    Hope you are managing to cool down. Have a great week!

  5. We have been all over with temperatures here. Very hot and humid (low 30s but feels like 40+) to low 20’s and slightly less humid. Intermittent thunderstorms, winds and even some tornadoes (not right where I live but a short drive away) and waterspouts on the lake. Crazy mixed up summer weather! Hope you get to spend more time in the library with the cool air.

  6. Finally my natural hotness gets acknowledged, thank you Roses !

    Here’s no damn breeze Pirate, I blame it on the lack of gulf, and the puddle down in the valley is no real substitute …

    We had some dustdevils in the river valley, but I am simply waiting for a real nice thunderstorm. Perhaps on Wednesday, but until then it will get hotter ! And it is a bit mixed up, Ponita.

  7. I had no idea if The Fog was inspired by San Francisco’s fog, so I looked it up. Apparently, the inspiration lay closer to Roses and my dad’s part of the world. I read that The Fog was inspired by some “eerie fog” that John Carpenter saw in the distance when visiting Stonehenge! We learn something new. 🙂

  8. HA – I had no idea Gwyneth. In the end, let’s blame it on the celts ! Or whoever built Stonehenge. In the last years they made some discoveries at this place, it is not “all known” about it. Kelten were interesting people, there will be a major exhibition in London in some months, while there have been smaller ones in the rest of Europe over the last years.

    Sorry to hear about that sticky mess, loveliest Scarlet !

  9. Beautiful music by Liszt. I would love to see the exhibition in London! My grandmother’s family came from Wiltshire. We used to have a photo of my dad sitting on one of the stones at Stonehenge, which is something nobody can do anymore.

  10. The heat is standing, it is now a bit like the proverbial wet blanket. Tomorrow will see an increase of the temperature and then “blamm” : thunderstorm iceballs, yippieayeah !
    Thank you very much for the good wishes Austere, it would be a very good “job”, in fact I’d crawl there to do this, I only hope my (more or less) professional background plays a role. And it was a genuine employment ad, not a faked one where they already have the person and just do a charade …

    Yes, they have some remarkable objects there ! The chance to see them in a lifetime again is not that big. And London may be a nice town too, at least I was told so, dear Gwyneth.

    The StonehengeSitters ! Oh yes, a picture of young Scarlet this would be nice ! I think I have one from my first school day, mit einer Zuckertüte … must be burried somewhere …

  11. London is indeed nice and although I have many cousins there,,our travels take us more to France these days. Checking on the weather there, as we’re going in a few weeks…hoping the heat will subside just a little?!

  12. Oh dear, “the living stone”. Liver stone ?
    “Nobody knows what they were doin’, but the legacy lives on.” I couldn’t have saied it better. A gem, Möör LX, a real gemstone …

    France in August, Gwyneth ? All are on vacancy, Northern coast or Massif Central, the rest of the country may be a branch of the Sahara.

    Snow goons. Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, to be correct. Take care Dinahmow !

  13. We’ll be on the border of Loire and Ardeche, just south of Lyon in France, quite hot so far in July.

    I remember spending a week in Heidelberg (my mom used to live in Kaiserslautern as a young teenager) and I loved the rainstorms every afternoon at 4pm.

  14. You know what they say GwynethAlle Wege führen nach Lautre !

    Thank you for the links, Alles in Ordnung, Hoppelschaum.

    No, I am sorry falleri fallera LX – but a little Wednesday stomp …

    I am very sorry for my misbehaving, dear Scarlet, I only hope I caused no stir in the womble or how it’s called. I think in the Hitchhiker’s Guide it was called an “eddy”, a kind of bump in the space-time-continuum … anyway, du kannst jetzt !

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