Scarlet Made Me Do It !

She’s a witch ! And she refuses to put up the Wednesday-post without me making a “piep” first. Oh dear, how did these mechanisms come into being ? Plain blackmail, or “the magic a woman can work” ?

Thank You for asking – it is all well, I’m alive and kicking, no worries ! This “real life” just put the boot down, kicked me a bit … Normal services will re-assumed shortly.

And because it’s Wednesday let’s indulge into the beneficial simplicity of some R&R, and go Walking with a Mountain with Mott the Hoople (1971), hope you enjoy it, and the week was good to you so far.



16 thoughts on “Scarlet Made Me Do It !

  1. Mott the Hoople? Now, that sounds a lot like witchcraft to me!

    P.S. Did you check Ms Scarlet’s nose to see if it’s a false one or not? And have you weighed her yet, either?

  2. They seem to be excited about their find, Hexenmeister LX
    Thank you for the article, it is incredible in hindsight – the most advanced equipment ! Compare it to what is possible now ! I read that they are working on / starting to produce new memory chips in 3-d that can handle large amounts of data basically in real time, the first new development regarding data storing or memory since the eighties. On the other hand, a high-tech-rifle got hacked …

    No way, dear Scarlet … btw can you swim ?

    Hmm, well thank you IDV … I put it on the list.

    Thank you Hoppelschaum. I hope you travelled safe and returned well !

    No, a tingling sensation Roses. Do not waste time with needles, just hammer that nine-inch-nail in !

  3. Just one more drive, about to start in fifteen minutes. I knock on wood and and cross meself three times, yes I am superstitious like that. Then there are summer vacancies, and the possibility that I’ll do another tour in September. But now I only want to end this safely.

  4. Damn ! I got it all wrong over the years : The Weltachse is in the Palz, not in Franconia ! Thank you for correcting me Hoppelschaum !
    Well yeah, the Creator could not make his mind up where to put it in Franconia, too many options, so the Palz was the easy way out, I assume …

  5. This is damn cool LX !
    Add this : A hoover for Bremsstaub – the stuff that comes out of our brakes and produces the tons of fine “Staub” people are suffering from. They’ll go into production with it next year ! When all this could make to work, the cities really would become “greener”, and the air less polluted. Only because a bloke was fed up with the blackness of his expensive chrome rims !

  6. Especially for people who already are suffering from Asthma, LX.

    Reminds me – I have to clean my shoes ! Thank you Roses !

    I think Mel Brooks invented the most modern stuff Dinahmow

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