Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I am late again, sorry. I really do not want to form a habit, basically I do not like being late at all. In my defence I can say that I spent the weekend mostly sleeping – yes, there was some walking around, but mostly sleeping. Today I had to take care of stuff at the desk (where do all these bills come from ?), and when I’ll have finished this scribble I will start to clean my appartement. These are no “dustbunnies” (Staubmäuse or Wollmäuse in German) but fully grown monster-rats behind the sofa and under the shelves … And at some point in the near future the cellar will rise its ugly head and demand attention imperiously.

This Sunday Music is the first movement, Presto, from Antonio SALIERI’s Fuga for two violins, performed by the Quartetto Amati (pdf with a short history and press clippings, I doubt they are still together) – I hope you enjoy it. And now – into a cleaner future !



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. No worries.. Your Monday Music is an excellent choice, one I will promptly share with the younger foamlet.
    Must have been a weekend for snoozing. I too have slept it away. Actually, I’ve slept away most of my days since being back, partially due to jetlag but
    also a cold virus I apparently picked up from a relative during my last days in Allemagne.
    Monster dust rats, eh? Happy
    wischen und putzen then, ugh .. Hausarbeit bringt Freude?

  2. Salieri may have been plagued by Staubmäusen — considering this line from his headstone: “Ruh sanft! Vom Staub entblößt.”

  3. Hausarbeit keeps one trim & fit ! I once read that the women of the nineteenfifties were fitter than modern hosewives who smoked and eat fat unhealthy stuff because they had more work – but this oh-so-scientific survey may have been sponsored by the conservative party … Kurier’ Dich aus – gute Besserung, Hoppelschaum !

    Yes, lively, jump off the sofa, hurra ! Welt hier bin ich ! My rush of activity now has come to an end, time to go shopping, lovliest Scarlet !

    Maybe he lived in the dusty part of Vienna LX ? At least he has a headstone, Mozart has none.

  4. There speaks experience ! And what one has to face in those corners – darüber wollen wir schweigen, dear Nikos ! But today I again ended up in a corner, eingekehrt

    Today was not dedicated milking the hoover but to wrangling the Wischmop, dear Dinahmow. But I made a mistake – I started too late in the morning, and the heat ended my adventure. I must get up tomorrow really early to start on my balcony, at eleven in he morning it’s much too hot to sit outside, alone to do bodily work. At least I did the floors inside.
    I’ll turn your minion-yellow new house into a sparkling diamond of fresh cleanliness !

  5. If your dust-bunnies have mutated into monster-rats, just be careful when you venture into the cellar. Gods only know what may lurk down there!

  6. He maintained a rigorous battle with Mozart over the years, not unlike your ongoing battle with dust rats Mr Maggs… I suspect that you will however manage to beat them into submission with a trusty mop… weather permitting… Extreme heat can be just as problematic as extreme cool (which we are having here) on getting the house work done… Much nicer to rug up by the fire with a good book…

  7. The cellar can wait until next week, dear IDV – after so many years one or two additional weeks really do not matter … A basilisc perhaps, as long as I do not look in his eye, all will be good.

    Exactly ! Thank you for the link LX – I must search for the Munich one !

    Just looked at the weather-report for your location, dear Princess – you are near the freezing point ! Rain, fog, the whole program – I only hope there are no floods in for you and the Empress. AT least it’s good for the fields.

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