Sunday Music

While you read this at Sunday midday, Franconian Time, I am driving South over the autobahn. I am looking forward to the train journey back on Tuesday.
This Sunday Music is a bit of driving music, JJ CALE’s Call Me the Breeze, the opening track of his first longplayer Naturally (Eng.) from 1972. Less than three minutes of minimalistic beauty, or, as CLAPTON put it, “it’s all about finesse”. I hope you like it, and may the Gods smile upon us all.




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Schö’ is’ g’wäh’ LX ! No chance to understand the aboriginies there, so I did not even try. But they could all speak some Hochdeutsch, when it was necessary : Das macht zwanzig Franken.
    Seriously, it was a nice short trip, right into a valley and atop a mountain, but the real high peaks were hidden behind the mist. I will make the trip again in some weeks and hope to see these strange locations, at least from a distance

    Terrible “Stau” on the way South, it took at one point nearly 45 minutes for less than five kilometer, Hoppelschaum. But we were not in a rush. I only got a bit nervous near the border, when the engine became hotter and hotter while we were in stop-and-go for nearly an hour. I had to switch on the heating to suck out the hot air from the engine bay, and was already looking for a place to rest the car, when we finally made it to the border and over it without any fuss. Then we took the Autobahn, et voila, the temp dropped back to a healthy 85 ° C.
    Today I hung around Frankfurt main station, but nobody contacted me – ta, I lost it !

    Some of the fluids I was fed were slightly trip-inducing, dear Scarlet. One does not need any “Lysergsäure” when you have herbal spices from mountainious woods and people ready to work on the stuff …

    At some points the engine sounded like a truck Norma. An old banger, nearly 18 years old, an “Opel”-badged GM-design. Indistructable engine. The body may fall apart, but engine and mesh are all right. The brakes need a manly kick, then they do their job, with a little whimper.

    And that dial was the reason I choose this version Dinahmow.

  2. … I remain sceptic Hänsel LX. Grimms’ world was made from lead – no pictures, no colours, just printed words : Lead.
    They were all remarkable characters in their own. And what Jacob & WIlhelm did is very remarkable, in a political, scientific and social dimension. When one understands their lives, one has a roadmap for the history of “Deutschland” in the 19th century.
    But the crux is with them : The great “Wörterbuch” (it stands just an arm’s length away from me, to my right) e.g. is only experienceable and understandable when you use it. The collection of “Sagen”, the songs, the iuridical sources – one has to read through it (or at least the introductions by WIlhelm), to fully understand what they did. No exhibition can replace this.
    I fear that leaves only two possibilities left : Either it’s a colourful fun thing (Grimmland, GrimmPark – ?), or it’s a grim Kultplatz, altgermanisch … cult site, Old germanic. At least I did not read the word “event” in connection with this new museum.
    It’s certainly a reason to go and visit Kassel.

  3. I enjoy a train journey too, sat in a comfy seat with a gin and tonic, lazily watching the countryside pass. 🎷 Gonna take a sentimental journey, gonna set my heart at ease ♫ ♪ ♪…

  4. I had it very comfortable in an ICE through the Rhine valley, alone in a six-seat-compartement labelled as “comfort zone : do not use your handy please” with a ssshhhh-sign at the glass-door, very relaxing Mitzi.

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