Sunday Music

I had a nice week, travelling by train, reading, cluttering & pottering around the desk. I read the biography of Sonia DELAUNAY I mentioned earlier, a remarkable lady who developed a colourful and unmistakable design of her own. To make ends meet she designed fabrics, clothes, accessories, bags, worked on exhibitions. She was not afraid of colour, au contraire, happily embracing strong and vibrant colours she had a natural feel for it. It is sad to see how much of her time went into taking care of material things like hunting money, how many projects and ideas were not realised. Nowadays the furniture she designed for their appartement is part of the collection of the museum of decorative arts in Paris.
The light changed, it is autumn now. Leaves become already brown, it was much too dry over the last months ; I wonder how this year’s wine will taste. It’s far from snowfall yet, but Snowfall is the title of the little tune Mr Carl KRESS and Mr George BARNES play for us, less than three minutes of beauty – I hope you like it. May we all have a peaceful week.




Sorry, only after having published the post and having clicked the video I saw the message that further linking of the video is not permitted. So it’s an additional click to hear KRESS & BARNES play on youtube – I think it’s worth it.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Will less rainfall produce a special wine of any sort or simply lessen the overall yield?

    Sunset is noticeably earlier now, we got two rain showers this week, and it has cooled off to 98f/37c.

  2. I think the grapes are smaller and over all there are less of them. I am not sure if they are better, in the sense that they have more sugar and hence more °Oechsle. I am not sure LX, and will ask Ludwig the winemaker when I see him the next time. I have not seen his wine yards in the last weeks, so I do not know whether the grapes are sour. As I read the farmers are not allowed to use water from the river this year, because the level is already very low and there are difficulties with the O² content.
    The days are noticeably shorter, the nights are cool now, there was even morning fog. We are far away from the thirties now, only for next weekend 30 °C are predicted.

  3. Sigh. If only I had a long enough hosepipe then I could send some water to you. It just keeps raining. It’s been a typical British Summer this year, and Autumn is arriving. I hope we have a dry winter.
    Anyhow, I think I would like to be a stylish woman who embraces bold colour… I will work on it.

  4. It’s still a little to the Altweibersommer Nikos – the spiders are not yet flying. Wait another four weeks or so.

    I was referring to what you said at Roses’ about your calligraphic tattoo and what it shall say, dear Scarlet. I only hope there will be no orthographic mistakes ! Who actually does the proof-reading of these texts ?

  5. Ooh…lovely old jazz.How did you know I love this music? (Not exclusively, of course)

    I hope your vintage does not suffer too badly.Nothing worse the a dry season!

  6. As long as there is Silvaner, there is hope, dear Dinahmow !

    Very nice LX ! Calligraphic, colourful and nautical ! I thought of some short, catchy text too, like “Pull here !”

  7. I see that, Mr Lax, I was thinking of something more feminine…. delicate… with flowers… perhaps a woodland glade with Bambi snuffling Thumper in the mid- distance… and some butterflies… or perhaps a simple word or phrase…. Holdfast might just do it, but only if I had it scrawled across my love handles…. shame that I was thinking of something for my wrist.

  8. We’ve had the ‘Spanish plume’ over the weekend, the weather has been lovely, however, tonight it’s been pissing buckets.

  9. Butterflies, Bambi snuffing – it should be classy any way, dearest Scarlet. Just take your time, there are really many designs out there to stimulate the imagination.

    The “Spanish plume” ? Is this a kind of mosquito, dear Mitzi ?

  10. It’s really grey here too.

    Can’t you send some nice weather for us?

    I like Sonia Delauney’s work. But then I like bold colours.

    At this rate, Ms Scarlet’s tattoo will read “feck off”

  11. Sorry for the weather Roses, the downside of living on a blessed island.

    Yes, I think that’s pretty much what MsScarlet right now is contemplating ! :) But the red reindeer is really nice.

  12. Was für ein Dampfer ! It’s like an oiltanker. A flying computer too as it seems. I like the onboard camera view from the tailgate through their picture-book-landing. When they came in I only wanted to know where they would land, I did not see the landing strip ahead and for a minute thought they’d try to water the machine … And they really have to manoevre their airoplane to the resting position, I thought they’d be taken on a hook by one of the small vehicles. Very impressing Flugzeug LX – and relaxing for people with aerophobia, like me …

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