Sunday Music

Technically speaking somewhere on the planet it’s still Sunday, I guess. It was a lazy week. I was busy being lazy, read in books, surfed the web. I will start on a new route in September, wonder when I’ll get the new vehicle. Summer returned for the last hot days – 35 °C and more, this Monday evening the big bang is announced, thunderligntning-Weltuntergang, dramatic drop of temperature, and finally peaceful quiet coolness from tomorrow onwards, then it’s autumn.
What makes me feel a bit melancholic. There is still the light, the smell of summer, and the premonition of unavoidable winter when all these lovely lively colours will be blanked out with white and grey and black. Melancholic like Motörheads take on Sympathy for the Devil, one last stand. “Hope you’ll guess my name”, yes darling, you will be remembered when you are long gone : The grim reaper looks over Mr Kilmister’s shoulder, who seems determined to take his exit from this life live on stage, collapsing in a heap of black-clad bones, achach
This Sunday Music marks a beginning, not an endpoint. It is the overture to Antonio Casimir CARTELLIERI’s (Ger., Eng.) azione sacra “Gioas, Re de Giuda” (Ger.) (1795), performed by the Detmolder Kammerorchester. I hope you like the music, may it be the prelude to a peaceful and relaxed week.

Nie aufgeben.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Trying to keep my old clunker cars running (I have two, in case one of them breaks down) threatens to take the last bit of what money I have. And then there’s this old clunker body I’m saddled with. My back is getting worse and worse.
    Gotta love Lemmy Kilmister, though. He’s actually a pretty cool guy. He’s one who takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

  2. Great to see you dropping by Cie ! Lemmy is seventy now, has some machines sawn into his body, and can keep it up for four songs max. With all due respect, but isn’t it time for a nice afternoon show in Florida or Bornemouth ? He could join forces with the Stones and other well-merited former forces of Rock. Golden days !

    You like autumn Norma ? Or is it just the dislike of coldness ? Right now I feel a bit of fear from the grey that will be here from November until January – the colours are so great, vibrant and full of life, lebenssatt

  3. As well as the change to the weather, season and your route, I notice you’ve also had a change of font for your header, post title and the like. You just love to keep us on our toes, don’t you?

  4. Jezz’ zieh’ keinen Flunsch, dearest Scarlet – autumn is wonderful : Colours, light – no heat, it stays around 20 °C for the coming days. And thermovests are coming in very tasteful designs nowadays …

    If they give me the right vehicle, dear Hoppelschaum … I have to cross the river several times on this new route. The bridge I will use just got renovated, all will be good (fingers crossed).

    Variatio delectat, dear IDV. Since they allow free type-fonts to choose from it is even more tempting !

  5. One of the most “speaking ” words I know is “bakbuk”, Hebrew for “bottle”, referring to the clucking sound when pouring something from a bottle. It’s in the bible, something with “the children of bakbuk”, must be The INFOMANIAC crowd …
    It’s great to see You again Mistress !

  6. i’ve been remiss, sweetpea! both in my writing and my reading. i have been trying to catch up here, as with all our other pals, but sadly, found comments closed on your lovely post on writing instruments. i favor fountain pens, but also carry a ballpoint pen in my purse for everyday use.

    your sunday music selections always seem spot on for my day as i listen. right now, it’s grey outside with periodic thunder. it is also monday, but that can’t be helped! ;) safe travels, dear friend! xoxoxo

  7. I’m back, dear Savannah, from munching miles, all went well. I’m glad to see You here m’lady – and perhaps the new Sunday Music lightens up your grey Monday a bit ? This would be nice !

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