Sunday Music

In the evening we went upstairs into the large empty room to watch the news. After this I had a look at the bookshelves and found something interesting I had not expected to find in this house. R. talked about packing suitcases and how things were lacking behind, but he was not really listening while some news reverberated in his head. I asked about the book I had found and soon we discussed Steiner and his ideas. R. retreated downstairs after having proclaimed that she would not take care any more. We talked further about the news and what it meant to him, and set a date for the departure next morning.

The lady and I sat in the kitchen, drank some red and talked. “Oh, it will be the same as every time. I say we’ll leave at ten, we’ll be lucky to come away in the afternoon.” “He’ll tinker with his books, get distracted, have another phone call. And he never takes care of his suits.”

In the morning R. and me had coffee and some bread. It was time to bring down the suitcases and the rest of the baggage. He had prepared papers and books that needed to be pressed into one last suitcase, amongst other stuff. It finally all went into the trunk of R.’s rolling wreck. We even found time to drive to the village bank for some bills, just in time, while R. took care of the kitchen and her own belongings. We left a few minutes past twelve.

I drove carefully while they both fell asleep. We crossed some borders without being noticed, bought the necessary toll badges. After four hours we reached the place where he will stay for the next few weeks. I put papers and books on the desk in his room, as he had arranged them some hours before in the house. We took care for some machines he needs to survive, and parted.
Then I searched for the autobahn and finally let the old wreck fly. R. decided that we should end the travel with pizza and cold beer, and that’s exactly what we did.

I travelled a lot this weekend, and I am glad that I did.

This Sunday Music is just some guitar music, I hope you like it.



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  1. Calzone for R., specialty of the house for me – one with all (no fish !) & an egg in the middle. Crunchy floor, not too thin, not too thick, just right. Two really cold, large Bitburger. They serve the pizze together with a working pepper mill, and there come three little pots : One contains the red hot stuff you find in Turkish döner shops (I forgot the name again), the second pot has the stuff but in oil (like a Paste, too hot for me !), the third contains Oregano. R. shovelled the oily stuff on her calzone, I tried a tiny spoonful and that was it – talk about eating hot !

  2. Is Charmaine a small girl with long black hair and a prominent, pointy nose ? She travelled on a train I used and sat opposite me for half an hour. Did not see Harold, sorry Scarlet.

  3. While you mention it, I saw one ear sticking out of her hair. In a tunnel she tried to glue a used bubblegum under the small table at the window, but it did not work. She then sat opposite me, thinking for a while and finally ripped some paper from her writing pad and put the gum in this. She seemed to be surprised that I saw her, she probably thought I’d be sleeping while I looked out of the window and wondered how long this damn tunnel would be and why I was sitting in this terrible railway compartement …

  4. Well, I came here to say I love the guitar boogie…but I got caught up in the search for Harold. Now, I shall wonder how the heck they got from Devon to a railway on your side of the world. Perhaps I should keep watch in case they turn up in Australia?

  5. I had pizza last night, I ordered the vegetariana without mushrooms but what I actually said to the waiter was I’d like the Victoriana without mushrooms please. I love it when Italian waiters thrusts their giant pepper mills at you. it never fails to disappoint.

  6. He was great, wasn’t he. It is a very different kind of “Witz”, a play .. the cultural “system” or “frame of references” shifted, changed, but Mr SELLERS will always be a great.
    Thank you for this LX.

    ZVGMV SYNATR – PBQR OERNXRE ! I think you are in only for the grind – ?!

  7. Holy Cow – what is going on. All I can reach is my own blog, nothing else : No blogger-blog, no news, even other wordpress-sites are veryvery slow – I saw your comments MsScarlet, but could not reach “WonkyWords” !

  8. Bizarrely, mine improved as soon as I sent an email from gmail. I notice that my Internet provider has put me on a U.S. server?! It does this sometimes. Sometimes my stats make it look as though I’m in America, but I’m not, I’m in the UK. Odd.

  9. “dtag” may suspiciously read as “Deutsche Telekom AG”. My provider is an off-spring of them – so no wonder XL !

    Here nothing improved, I do not know where I am, dear Scarlet.

    Where is PONG when you need it ?!

  10. Ohhhh.. I almost missed a post … Sorry! I do love the guitar music… And since I’m hungry, I currently feel like a pizza and a “bitte ein Bit” ..
    A palatinate beer, of course.
    It’s still the morning hours though..hmmm
    Ohhhh… Frühschoppen ..

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