Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The week that was … was mostly spent driving or sleeping. New route, new car, new children, and of course new co-driver. The route leads me over a small stretch of autobahn, right through the midst of a very large construction site, where I have to watch out for trucks full of wet earth and turning diggers, then we go through some villages. But in total is not much longer than the one I drove before. The vehicle is of the same model, but with the double amount of kilometers on the clock, what helped the engine to “loosen up” a bit, a goer. Now the bus is full, the kids and me get used to each other – it seems to go well, hope it stays well. The co-driver is a mathematician, her daughter is in a wheelchair on the bus. She’s very committed, doing this job for already 15 years or even more … Now I deliver my kids at a different location, not in the yard of the institution any more,  but in the basement car park, what is narrow : Vehicles grew a bit since the house was constructed in the 1970s. It is all manageable, and I was glad to see that my co-driver really took care of herself and avoided to stand in dangerous places. Now I just need to get used to getting up in the early morning again (ddm, damn dark morning, coined by Savannah), right before the sun comes over the horizon.
This Sunday Music is a bit longer than usual – I try to stay under four minutes – but it’s worth it : The Allmann Brothers Band (Ger., Eng.) plays T-Bone WALKERs Stormy Monday, it’s on their third album, At Filmore East (Ger., Eng.), recorded in March 1971.
I hope you like it. And that we all have a peaceful week ahead.




14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank You very much LX ! It started well, and I have a good feeling.
    The only thing that needs sorted out is the music – I think “Bibi Blocksberg” should be limited to a minimum …

    I always walked to school, some others took the official bus, the normal public ones, there was no special school bus. At the moment I like all about it, the driving, the interaction with the kids, I hope it stays this way – I’m working on it Dinahmow

    You got the Key to the Highway, dearest Norma, or are you more of a Queen of the Highway ?

    I was unfamiliar with the expression Nikos – when I understand it right it’s exactly what I did when I drove to Switzerland …

  2. Ahja, Kraftwerk, must be more than thirty years … No worries, Hoppelschaum, I do my very best, hope it’s enough …

    Kids these days … Yes, this should work with a bus too ! This vehicle in the video is pretty long and small, and builds high, I think I’d smash it on its side XL

    2015 is over, dear Scarlet, sad but true. The rest of the time will be spent in perpetual winter : Grey, wet, muddy : Get thermovested, m’ dear !

  3. Good to hear you’re enjoying your new route. Even better that you’ve got a good assistant on hand.

    Yes, early morning aren’t great are they? I’m doing better with them now, but would still rather start the day much later on.

  4. Naseweis MJ !

    I needed a week to adapt to the new routine, Roses. Now it works, not like a charm, but works. I still need an hour or so around midday, to lie down and relax, but can’t sleep.

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