Böööh …

I do not feel like writing this evening. I wanted to scribble about an 18th century polyhistor and mathematician, by chance I have an exemplar of his biography here. Strangely enough this title is not among the literature about the man in the wikipedia articles I consulted (the German and the English one), but I do not feel like writing.
Some days ago I saw the first Kastanien (pic) falling, today I noticed an interesting yellow leaf on the path. I had no photographic machine with me and so I just stood and watched it until it was time to move on. Or I could build a Kastanienmännchen.
It’s autumn, clear light & crisp air, and a certain melancholy sweeps around. Perhaps I should start to think about IDVs tin foil hat, draw a bit etcetc – the whole procedure necessary to make a fuzzy idea real and manifest, but its ages until the thing is due, sometimes next week I guess … Going through the news sites its refugees, some speak of a “crisis” – it’s not -, the frauds of the car industry, and war, endless war. In the US people scream at each other and this is seemingly what one needs to do to become president ; the Europeans argue among themselves, and Russia sends troops : Basically the usual nonsense.
I wait for my money to arrive at this month’s end and plan to cook something nice, perhaps I’ll try “gefüllte Paprika“, I do not know why I simply want to try it. And I have no drive to analyse anything, it just is. I’m in böööh-mode, guess it is time for some serious trullering. So excuse me please,  sorry for this unproductive and unsatisfying non-post, I’ll just vanish in youtube and look for some music for tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Böööh …

  1. Alex or Willie, Dinahmow ? Someone called them ” preußische Dioskuren”, a bit much I think.

    Gild your conkers ? I am sure these golden apples will look lovely dear Scarlet !

    Gefillte Fisch – oh my, sorry my household is not koscher. But I think gefillte Fisch’ are not trefe LX. I wonder whether one could stuff pepppers with a mixture of rice and milled fish ? Has someone tried this already ? Maybe garlic, capers and whole black pepper would fit in ? Or one could just stuff a fishfinger in.

  2. The falling of kastanien/conkers/horse chestsnuts signal an end to summer and that Autumn has arrived. Böööh indeed…

    I get the feeling that your Tin Foil Hat submission will be scraping in just before the deadline like last year?

  3. “in one piece” – I am not sure Norma. They appointed a new supremo, a man from Porsche. One may be allowed to doubt.
    I do not understand how stupid & arrogant they can be. As I understood the US administration gave them a chance to get their stuff correct last year, they re-called some hundrethousands of cars, and proudly announced all would be right now. But when the officials controlled it they found that nothing at all had chanced !
    The engine in question is the old two liter diesel, which is around since the early twothousands, always modified, but never changed. They shunned to develop a modern engine, this is it. The 1600 derived from the two liter is even worse. The engines are over-engineered and badly designed. Add the terrible “Doppelkupplungsgetriebe”. Honest John says for years that the VAG-products are better avoided.
    They basically aim at the fleet-market with the Passat and this engine – what means that it is only necessary for the product to be reliable for two years (then the fleet cars get replaced). And that is what happens : After two years (or 60.000 km) they fall apart.
    The only company more arrogant is Mercedes Benz.
    Interestingly the BMW they had running for comparison had no problem reaching the official numbers – a X5.

    NAw, it’s not complicated Hoppelschaum. I will document it next week !

    I am not familiar with preparing fish. I only can do Brathering right out of the can very well, dear Dinahmow !

    Goodness – more than a year ! Ihr tut mir wirklich leid LX ! Why so long ? Wouldn’t a campaign of six months and two weeks for cooling off right before the date be enough ? I’m sure President Trump will take care of this …

    It’s an art IDV. Careful planning, sublime shadows of thought, complex dentritit traces of meaning encapsulated in minimalistic gestures – or some stiff drinks and some foil saved from the neighbour’s waste paper basket …

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