Sunday Music

Another Monday edition, sorry.
Yesterday I was chauffeured around, in a Mercedes-Benz, ha ! One with that three-point-star standing upright on the bonnet – I never thought that I would like to see this capitalistic emblem in front of me. Nice, comfortable car. A relaxing trip. Usually I am a terrible front-seat passenger, but this time I did not that bad, I felt safe, and the driver was very cautious.
Now without further bla a quiet piece by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (Ger., Eng.) called Viaticum.
I hope you like it, and that we all have a peaceful week ahead.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Once it stood for solidity, modesty. Now for fraud. A lesson from “How to kill a trademark”.
    Very impressive drop LX ! The mid-air rendezvous is done very nicely. Masses on the move – I guess the later morning will be spent looking at falling chimneys and stuff …

    Thank you, glad that you like it Savannah.

  2. Mercedes are very comfortable.

    It’s good to know you’re a jumpy passenger. Should you come to visit the Norfolk/Suffolk border, I will make sure to drive you around in my shiny BMW very carefully.

  3. It was a VolksBenz, dearest Mistress.

    Glad you like it IDV, What draw me to it was first the title, but I thought Viaticum – the last rites, the things and empathy one is given for the last way – would be a too dark title. Then I heared it and found it very attractive, starting with the classic theme, flowing , finally coming back to it. A very “classic”, traditional approach, but done nicely and very well. Svensson’s trio was not by chance a very successfull operation while it lasted.

  4. Definitely LX ! Next will be that one says “Put a piece of wood on it and stand on it – let’s see how high you can fly !”

    Not mine Austere, this will have to wait until after the lottery win …

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