Sunday Music

Oh dear … I must beg your pardon, venerated readers, for not being more active here. There is so much to be scribbled about. And I can not excuse myself with excessive activity in other areas that would keep me away from the desk, au contraire, away from the desk I slept. At least over the last days I found myself unable to write, read, think. I pulled me together twice a day to do my job, and when I came home I fell into a kind of coma : I even skipped playing QBEEZ ! But I am confident that things go back to normal and that I’ll find my brain again, perhaps even use it, just for diversion.
Until then we could listen to some lute music by Silvius Leopold WEISS (Ger., Eng.), performed by Yasunori IMAMURA, movement VII “Passagaille” of WEISSENS sonata in D major.
I hope you like the music, and that we face a peaceful & successful week !



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I find that the lovely lute is often very soothing and this just hits the spot Mr Maggs… Thank you for the find it is delightful… Have a most wonderful week and I hope that your missing brain comes home to you soon…

  2. And all of a sudden there is nothing else left but wait.
    No more infusions, an op out of the question – too late, too payneful, no change, only prolonged misery, no promise. Wait until the body gives in.
    The sun is shining, beautiful light. Death everywhere, always.

    Lute helps Dinahmow.

    Thank you Princess, things changed. The brain is found, a bit dented, but still operational. Take care for The Empress, will ya …

  3. Lovely lute.. So pleasant to wake up to. Your brain will come back, so, no worries there. It’s OK to take a break from blogging a bit. you will write when your fingers and Brain feel compelled to. Happy Sunday to you!

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