Gargle’s .45

Me and “google” are not friends, as some of you, venerated readers, who follow this scribble for a bit longer, surely know. Our ways had not yet fully parted, inasmuch as I still used a chrome-based browser called “iron”. The (German) developers of this program say that they carry over the benefits of gargle’s “chrome”, like velocity and all-round-usefulness, but get rid of the not so nice things, notably gargle’s hunger for data.
I used it until I found that it hat bloated a lot. Months ago I had looked at the windows’ list of programs and was told that “iron” would use around 70 MB of disk space ; some weeks ago it was over 140 MB. The whole folder had over 220 MB. And it became slow – no more hop-through-the-web, but a tired drag-through-the mud. Additionally it always showed a message telling me that some plug-in was not supported anymore, but there is a way to dig around. So I dug around – and, hallelujah, with the new version (45) all would be better.
I looked for something else and found a small basic browser that simply does what it says on the tin, it shows websites. It has some weaknesses, but I learned to live with it – and now I have to. Because when I learned that a new version of gargle’s browser is out, what means that the corresponding “iron”-version is available, I wanted to have a look at it. I downloaded it, had it installed, all without hassle and as usual. It worked fine. Then I realised that they had this personalising-thingy carried over. This and some other things I did not like (notably that from the start it comes with all gargle-cookies, be it “blogger” or “youtube” or anything else from the gargle-universe – even when I had cookies deleted manually or automatically at the end of a session) and hence decided to uninstall this program.
But I was not allowed to do this.
When I used the windows-de-installing routine I was told that “This program can only be uninstalled on a 64-bit-windows.” (I cite it from memory, the exact wording may have been a bit different, but the statement is clear I hope.) This windows I use on this machine is by no means a 64-bit-windows. And I did not download the “wrong” version of the program – simply because there is nothing to choose from. (Well, there is a “portable version” available. But that’s it. It is one button to click for the rest.)
First I went to the program’s in-built uninstallation, and got the same message. So I tried CCleaner, no way. I tried it “by foot” : Go to the folder, erase it, then clean the registry from dead entries. No way : I was not even allowed to rename the folder ! Forget to open or delete it ! And yes, I am my own administrator.
Then I tried to re-install it, there could be perhaps a possibility to “change / repair” – no way.
I became a bit angry. And out of a whim I grabbed a de-installing program from the web, “Iobit” or something, forgot the name : Forget it too, dear readers ! It is blank nonsense and comes with a ton of additional unwanted code you never wanted to have – and did not accept to have delivered ! It even had the nerve to litter my desktop with silly “gauges” ! I kicked this out as fast as possible.
In the end I restored windows – it is the second or third time I did this ever, since I use this operating system. Windows had created a restoring-point only some days before I started this unlucky adventure, and it worked like a charm. The list of installed programs showed me the older version of this “chrome”-derivat. The in-built de-installation still did not work (same message as before), but at least I was allowed to erase the folder via the windows explorer !
After having got rid of the unwanted code I realised that the machine was unusually slow. The “defraggler” showed me that 12 % of the files on C: were fragmented. I use this tool only twice a year or so, the fragmentation-rate is normally down to one or two percent. So before I went for my afternoon drive I put it to work, and it sorted the mess out.
Was ist das End’ vom Lied ?
Maybe I behaved stupidly, maybe this is all irrelevant, it surely is less than a storm in a tea-cup. But I know for sure that I will not again use a program that comes from gargle. My last connection to this data-gargling behemoth is Sunday’s link to “youtube” (or preferably something else hereafter), simply because this is the largest repository of music on the web I have access to. Anything else are poisoned gifts I do not want to touch.

13 thoughts on “Gargle’s .45

  1. Partly. This is the “zu Fuß”-Methode : Erase the folder, then clean the rest.

    I tried this LX, but was denied access to the folder : No delete, no rename, no nothing. Somehow this damn chromium-thingy protected itself against the OS.
    This method only worked after I had restored windows. The restore point was some days before I changed / updated “iron”.

    What makes me angry is that this browser did not allow me to simply erase a folder from C:\Program_Files\*.*. I was not over-tired or drunk. I could access all other files & folders with the windows explorer, rename them, copy, delete – the bog-usual. But not this folder. I could open it & look at it. As I realise now, I should have tried to copy something into or out of it.

    Perhaps this new “chrome” / “iron” is 64-bit only, & I just missed something & made a mistake somewhere – this is thoroughly possible.
    But right now it looks for me as if this damn browser protected itself by minimising my rights as administrator on my own machine : If it’s true I can not accept this. Right now I think the only mistake was to download and install something from gargle.

  2. Command Prompt. Go to the subdirectory with the protected folder. Use the ATTRIB command to remove all of the R, S, and H file attributes. Then you can remove the folder.

    HELP ====> ATTRIB /?

  3. My knowledge and understanding of code is minimal.But this sounds horribly like the problems with Vista.So bad, Microsoft had to take it back to their workbench, I think.Then it came out as Windows 7 which was OK. And now, on my new laptop, I have Windows 7 professional and I have to jump through hoops to start the damn’ thing.And Google is trying to make everything a ‘one account” I wish they’d just leave things alone! We are not all geeks!

  4. Genial, LX. I totally forgot about DOS.
    This must work.

    It all went downhill after DOS 5, dear Dinahmow !
    Yes, gargle is centralising like Stalin : One user, one account, one optimised transparent data-source. Throw in farcebook & twits – and there we go. One day not so far away in the future using an adblocker will be enough to come under suspicion of being “not reliable”

  5. You have more patience than I. I stick with my iMac and related products simply because I can’t be doing with all that shite anymore.

    If there was a stable and fuss free alternative to the main software players, I take it in a flash, I have neither the temperament or the inclination to mess about with stuff like that.

  6. my head hurts after reading all of that!

    i use a MAC. if anything goes wrong, i take my machine over to the apple guys and say, “please fix it” they do, i pay them, and we’re all happy! :) sometimes, they fix it and don’t charge me, then i’m even happier. :)


  7. I am content with windows, dear Roses, and all other programs work. It was simply the browser that made me angry.

    Re computer, yes LX, otherwise not so much.

    I ask LX, dear Savannah.

    It’s easy Mistress : If something on your computer goes “bonk”, ask LX.

  8. I’m right there with the mistress… I have no clue.
    Could be because I use my iPhone for most of my computer needs. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  9. Two women and their choices. A very interesting text, thank you LX.
    BTW for this computer thing – there is a zip for zat. It is the last variant, adds an option to the right-click-menue. Works here.
    hmmm, the links could come out in better contrast …

    It is a quiet weekend, zur Abwechskung ‘mal … I spent yesterday mostly sleeping. Now I look out and see fog – it already has lifted notably – & it’s not that cold anymore like some days ago when I seriously was contemplating to wear gloves in the morning when I have to go to the vehicle. No “goldener Oktober” here, dear Foam, more like a very long November.

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