Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Yeah right, it’s very late this time. What can I say ? There was always something happening that prevented me from sitting at my desk and searching for music.
The week already started, I guess everybody has reached working temperature again, so let’s stomp onwards with Texas bluesman Albert COLLINS’ (Ger., Eng.) Defrost from December 1962.
I hope you like it and that we’ll all have a pleasant week ahead.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Hasenpfeffer 1879, and the Eng. wiki one. The “Pfeffer” in question is “eine mit pfeffer und andern gewürzen stark bereitete brühe (jus piperatum). Goodness, I’d like one …
    Sorry, afk now LX, mail soon.

  2. I can not remember these, dear Norma, but there were storage containers made from aluminium (?) I think that were still in use. And I remember that the freezer/fridge always was loud and hence stood far away & in the coldest spot of the house.

    Congratulation to the nice memory, Dinahmow.

    Maybe this is a start IDV ? But it’s not “ÖÖÖÖÖko”, sorry

    “erimek”, schmelzen, perhaps – but I do not know whether it is transitive or intransitive. You plan to travel to Turkey Nikos ? Careful, this could become a bit dangerous East of Istanbul.

  3. So far it’s been a good week. I’m sitting on the back deck eating peach ice cream hike listening to your musical selection! That’s a bit of synchronicity right there!
    Hope your week was good, Mago.

  4. Snow sheep – always welcome, Bock LX ! I have no idea who Mr Avogadro was and what he found out, but I will go and read.

    I hope the Peach ice cream was good, dear Foam. Last week was nice, the weekend was full of work, now I am digging through tons of dusty papers – but the end is near !

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