Sunday Music

Oh HErr … !
Sometimes small things may trigger larger things, and in the end one faces a small avalanche. So when I was asked to help with a small removal ; nothing fancy, just a bureau. And all of a sudden the question stood in the room (quite literally), if I’d like to have this nice desk, and other neat things.
I had a desk, and did not like it anymore. Because of its history ( A gift from a “friend” I could hardly refuse to accept some years ago ; then I needed the thing, later brought it into my actual flat, but it was large, dark & bulky, and always reminded me of the person I got it from. Besides that, I could only place it in the most draughtly place in the room.), its largeness and shabbiness.
So I happily threw the thing into the large skip at the dump (sorry, it’s called Wertstoffhof today, recycling depot, yeah !), assisted by a man in shocking-orange who used a hammer to make it fit (“Bassd’ scho’ !”) – ramm, bamm, thank you Man !
To my amazement I found a lot of things I had put into the drawers of saied ex-desk, and it soon became clear that I had to re-decorate seriously. To make a long story short, I now have a view (Yes ! There IS a window ! It’ s even pretty large, and grimy, but this can be modified, as I am told.) ; I have access to my books (Heavens, the dust ! And all this copies-folders-magazines I simply had stuffed on top of them poor books, it will take another week to sort this paper out.), and I simply have space : Totally unaccustomed.
After this weekend without a table and internet-access (I only realised by chance that my phone was not working anymore, I had to pull some electrical connectors) I am now sitting happily at a very basic table made from blond wood, in the corner with the least draught, looking over the room out into the sky (with a bit of horizon and greenery thrown in). There is still clobber lying around, but it becomes less and less every day, the blue garbage bags are waiting to be filled, and I am not the man to frustrate them.
Clearing up my shanty some music by The Soul Brothers (A short-lived Jamaican group around Jackie MITTOO (Ger., Eng.)) may be nice to listen to, a title aptly called Shanty Town – I hope you like it.
Let’s have a merry week !



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  1. Finally a room with a view and a cozy corner in which to work. Double bonus! There is no reason to not have a happy week…

  2. They were pretty hands-on, dear Foam. Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht may describe their attitude.

    HA – glad that you like it Tim ! I should go to Rome perhaps, too …

    ASAP LX, if you do not mind the grimy window …

    It is a good feeling ! While I have the tendency to hoard a bit, it is a big reward to stand (!) in the middle (!) of the room and actually see walls. Next will be the other room where I sleep. There is also too much stuff in it – I think I like the idea of free space.
    If you need a helping hand Dinahmow … my next trip to the dump may be tomorrow afternoon …

    Exactly Princess : There is no reason not to have a good week !

  3. Yes, I second LX’s request for a photo! It may just inspire me to follow your lead, Mago, and sort out some of my own “clobber” – what a great word!

  4. PERFECT!! LX and IDV have already asked the question! pictures please! you’ve inspired me to resume my work on my workspace (i can’t really call it an office) and make it something just for me! xoxoxox

  5. Well done, Herr Mago.

    My problem is multiple tiny handwritten notes which I must then transcribe into Word documents. I usually take a notebook with me but somehow the tiny pieces of paper continue to reproduce.

  6. “Clobber” is nice, isn’t it IDV ? And I can assure you, it’s not only easy to get rid of stuff, it is also liberating.

    Savannah, m’love – it is a bit like re-possession, like getting it back … Didn’t Mr Wenders make a film with “Repo Ma(e)n” in it ?

    This is a terrible problem you address here, dearest Mistress : The handwritten notes that should be transformed into a word (or other, at least digital) document ! We live in-between. We are a generation that is still used to paper and pen, but also uses computers, digital machines. But the handwritten notes do not get extinct, they carry on and on, as the books do, and the transfer is excruciating … somehow the screen never has the quality of the paper note. And in a security aspect, the digital thing is worthless. It becomes also un-personal – heck. it’s just a thing on a screen, not a note anymore … This is after all a serious philosophical (aesthetical) problem, that should be of interest for future historians and archivarians – and I am not kidding here.

    Anyway : For yer viewing pleasures – LX IDV, Savannah – here is part of the Room (blurred, sorry), here is the View (taken yesterday, so un-blurred, before the battery died, sorry), & here is what I see right now (blurred again ; it’s Doppelbock (7,5%), and I must go to bed now).

  7. I only know about Alex Cox and his 1984 film Repo Man. I do like the way your room looks! I think I posted a picture of our Library/guest room, but as of yet, I’ve not posted any showing my work space. I’m energized by your initiative, sugarpie!! xoxoxx

  8. I dO feel like a punk right now, dear Savannah, not because of the re-possession of my room(s), which is a good thing all in all, but because I have to do a new route. I was told about this just this midday : Tomorrow afternoon I’ll hop into another bus and drive a totally different group to other places. It is basically allright, because I am in no position to make choices and always saied that “I drive all everywhere”, but my actual co-driver is very good, we connected very well … achbööööööh

    Who thought that de-cluttering a small appartement in Franconia could trigger major actions in the US ? HA ! Go onwards and throw out the nonsense – it is good to get rid of things, and all connected with them. And it’s good to concentrate on one’s self.
    Sorry now, the Doppelbock hits me strong, I need to sleep it off, ddm looms … *mwah*

  9. Thank You Savannah.

    I am sorry LX. Somewhere on this blog there may be pictures of the two. Teddy is a real childhood companion. He came back some years ago. But he never was known by another name as “Teddy”. If you’d inspect him closely you could notice some bald patches, perhaps I grabbed him there as a kid. Teddy’s companion came to us a bit later ; some years ago, when a certain person was in hospital.
    I’m not sure where to re-locate them. They occupy this “Sessel”, what is basically all right, and of course they will not be jailed or stuffed into some cupboard or such, but I really wonder where to seat them.
    Perhaps there is a possibility when I have found a place for the loudspeakers, they could have each for one (or is it one for each ?) – anyway, you know what I mean, they could ride on the noise …

    I only need to find some of these old-fashioned clinch-things.
    (Pics tomorrow, I’m really knackered now.)

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