Desk Sitting

It’s a real pleasure to sit at this desk. First of all, no draught. Second, I look up and see over my room to the (clean) window, which is now hidden behind a very nice orangey courtain that gives a warm light, I’d use the German word anheimelnd for it. On daytime I look out in the landscape and have roughly one-third greenery and two-thirds sky.
The dust is actually fought back, but I know that it is only a temporary ceasefire, the battle will go on. À propos dust, I have my old Röhrenradio now in reach. Tomorrow I will open its back carefully and de-dust the innards. The device is roughly seventy (?) years old, I am not sure whether it was opened before, but tubes tend to become pretty hot. And I want to use this radio and listen to the classic station, without the nagging fear of waking up from the smell of a burning old radio, made from wood, textile and Bakelite …
Oh, regarding music – I finally have the possibility to array my stereo and have it running, I am just unsure where to put the loudspeakers. I wonder whether I can get some of these old-fashioned connectors I need since I bought the thing (twenty years ago ?). In the long run it is not okay to just wriggle the cooper wire into the connecting “ports” or how-its-called. I mean, they are made the way they are made for a purpose. Like making sure that a signal is transmitted the best possible way ; “fixing in” some prickly cooper wire is not what the engineers had in mind. And it may be better for the sound too …
All this musical stuff will lead to the necessary re-location of the lps and cds, what means to shift some case boards, what means that books must be taken out, de-dusted & sorted – it will be an active winter …
A very nice result of helping a friend move a bureau is that I now sit in a very comfy chair that is actually made for people, who sit at desks : Bloody comfortable ! No more backache.
Left are my kitchen and the sleeping room. The kitchen window is a disgrace, when it’s really cold in winter I have to shut the kitchen door to keep the chill out. I will clean the whole thing tomorrow, every nook and cranny, and use any little strip of self-sticking seal I have left, to make it shut. I remember when these windows were put in, by a “Hau-Ruck”-gang of workers, who basically gave a damn whether the things were installed correctly, heck it doesn’t fall out, next … expanding foam is a friend …
The janitor was not very happy, because he had the task of re-adjusting and fine-tuning the thrown in plastic windows. I once could bribe him to make this for the one in my sleeping room, it was really too bad back then. The tenants on the other side of the house are really in a bad position, because it is the windy (and stormy) side (in spring and autumn, still to come), and one must make sure that the outpouring flows are open …
My sleeping room will see some changes too. In the end I decided to get rid of all these papers, materials I once collected to write my thesis. It is non-sense to harbour the belief that I’d write that thing. What for ? An academic degree ? Please … If I’d win the lottery and had all my time at my hands, & would no longer be forced to do actual work for my living and spent precious lifetime on this – would I chain meself to a desk for another two or three years to write this damn thing ?
Surely not.
I would work for another year and carefully plan my exit. I would care for another living space and then I’d go travelling, as long as I am able to do this with a working body and a functional brain, so that I recognise what I see in museums, collections and landscapes I really want to be in, together with the humans I want to know & spend time with.
After all I wrote an article about the topic of this hypothetical thesis, collected all materials necessary and it is published, so who ever (if anybody really wants to take this task) will do it, will have to start where I left. If I had money “wie Heu”, I’d finance this endeavour, set up a nice little foundation and let some young people work their arses off on this. It would result in a digital edition of some remote German texts nobody knows today. But I wrote these articles roughly twenty years ago, the texts in question are nearly four hundred years old, so what – ? We do not seem to be in a rush here …
I need the space, the materials / secondary lit etc. are already outdated and hence obsolete, the discussion has went on as I could follow, & throwing out that garbage will perhaps give me the chance to organise the (little) stuff that is really me, my own, its less enough. So enough of this selfish blab. And just because you stayed with me and read until here, a little blues number by Frank TANNEHILL, another long forgotten bloke who did his own thing, & vanished.
Hope you enjoy it.



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  1. “the little stuff that is really me, my own …” Nicely put! I’m drilling down to that too, I hope.
    And nice blues, thank you. (And the pics on the UTube are glorious, aren’t they?).

  2. On the speakers, the sound will be correct as long as there is a good tight connection of all of the wire strands to the terminals.

    On my sound system there are prepared RCA-type connectors on the wires for the sub-woofers. But for the other speakers, I just use stranded wire tightly connected to the lock nuts on the banana-type terminals. Alles gut.

  3. When I look around in here, most of the stuff is not mine. The books are just passing through, I wrote none of them, read most of them in full, but at least in all of them. To some, very few, objects I am connected, because they are made by people I knew or loved (some ceramics my mother made), or are inherited from them (the radio, once owned by a grandfather).
    I made very few things in my life. I wrote an article in a very specialised encyclopedia, an article in a remote & specialised periodical, and who will work on this topic will have to cite me. So my place in the Gelehrtenrepublik is secured.
    I once found an article about the inheritance of a 17th century minor scholar. It gave a list of the things in his possession when he died, from books to the “Kavalierdegen” (and a trumpet), it was a miserable list. I once asked Dr. B., when he was right over ninety, about his collection of books and graphics, the result of a lifetime of collecting, and he only saied “Es ballt sich zusammen, und löst sich wieder auf.”
    Well TIM, RINGSGWANDL is right, kannst nix mitnehma



    I am not sure what I need Töne LX. I will take photographs tomorrow, but not tonight darling, sorry … I doubt the diameter of the banana-stickers. Anyway. pics tomorrow, sorry, but I’m too tired now really. I spent the morning in the garage with the new vehicle, then we had the last drive for the bureau, etc. it is pretty industrious for a “week off” …

  4. It is the time of the year for such things.

    Over the weekend, I hauled my artistic stuff into my bedroom study and hauled my desk back into the front room. I also was cleaning like a demon. Dusting. I actually dusted.

    When you win the lottery and go travelling, don’t forget to call in here. I have to show you the chickens!

  5. Of course Mistress, but I think they are unsatisfyingly small, sorry. I think I’ll look for the big banana.

    I am glad to learn that you are de-dusted now, dearest Roses. And be assured, the Norfolk chickens are high on the list of must-sees !

  6. Oh my gods, that free-gift desk really has caused a lot of work, hasn’t it?! Still, you sound happy with it and (some) of the changes you’ve made to accomodate it. Just like LX, I’m looking forward to those photos too.

    ::gives thanks that Beast isn’t about to “dispose” of those bananas::

  7. Thank you for the something – I am told to try again, so I will do. What is itTöne LX ?

    Oh sorry IDV, there have been blurry pics already. Linked them in the comments lately.
    And no, Beast’s bananas are in no way involved !

  8. “Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. […]”

    I cite the help:

    Wenn du eine Player-Fehlermeldung erhältst, kann das Video in den meisten Fällen bereits nach 30 Minuten wieder abgespielt werden. Dieser Fehler kann durch verschiedene Faktoren verursacht werden, z. B. durch Probleme mit deinem Internetanbieter, die Anzahl der verbundenen Nutzer oder Geräte, die Hardware- und Softwarekonfiguration, die Internetverbindung oder Probleme mit dem Video selbst.

    Hier sind einige Tipps zur Behebung dieses Problems auf deinem Computer oder deiner Mobile-Website. Versuche nach jedem Schritt erneut, dein Video wiederzugeben.”

    This computer with this browser does play yt-videos, and videos from other sources, usually without any hassle. Maybe simply too many users, some kind of bottleneck somewhere. I’ll try the link again.

  9. No, I do not think that this is necessary or useful, because other videos I click (those from the list on the right side) do start normally. It is just this one – no joy with Bach !
    I have no clue at all, as usual …

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