Sunday Music

Went out today for the first time in some days, maybe a tad too early, but hey – work starts tomorrow very early, so I can give it a try while the light is still shining & I at least see where I’m staggering to. Obviously I overact, but I really feel a bit shaky & getting up at four in the morning will not help.
To my amazement I found that someone has moved into the appartement next to mine, they must have sneaked in. When I left this afternoon, a young woman came out of this door and joined me in the lift downstairs, she collected some ordered food at the main entrance. She was friendly, dressed very colourful, and had her hair dyed red. If they (she mentioned her husband) are here since the first of the month, they are really quiet neighbours, because I had not noticed them at all.
Without further ado, here is Mr Albert KING (Ger., Eng.) with the a nice little number called Laundromat Blues from his 1967 Stax debut album Born under a bad sign.
I hope you like the music, and that we all have a nice & easy week ahead.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. She has arisen ! Welcome back MsScarlet !
    Gingerish is also very nice, with a hint of strawberry.

    I did not know that Albert named his flying Vs Dinahmow. I only know of BB’s Lucille, who doesn’t. And I did not want to go for the best known song of the lp, so this one does the trick, and it makes me feel better. Tonight’s an early night, see you soon.

  2. Manflu is awful… I’m still getting over a prolonged attack… coughing till my ribs hurt!
    It’s nice to have quiet neighbours. We have been spoilt until recently… “”New units built next door containing children that are basketball fans. constant “Thunk” of the ball hitting the backboard gets on my nerves at times but at least the parents are sane enough to limit the time spent. A new baby on the other side occasionally heard crying over the fence and across the gardens… one good thing about having a large yard around the house i guess…

  3. How apt – My neighbours living above in our converted Victorian style house make their presence felt everytime they go into laundromat mode, as my chandelier resonates with the spin cycle.

  4. Sitting upright is a nice change from lying around, Scarlet. You were indisposed ? Hope you are back to your usual, grand form.

    Thank You Zoe ; no fireworks involved here.

    It started pretty well LX. Of course I am tired beyond recognition, but it is a nice and easy driving. Totally different kids, and of course a new co-driver, but I think it will become more or less easy.

    Rent boys may be noisy when they work from home, as I am told, dear Norma.

    Oh dear Princess, I hope this cough will vanish soon ! As far as I see now the new neighbours bring no kids with them.

    Thank you Mr Peenee, I am really feeling better. Not fully gone, but very much better than Thursday or so.

    HA – the lady in the appartement above mine has a very silent washing machine. The only time the glasses in the cupboard are making noises is when her adorable two grandchildren are here for a visit. But it’s a phase … or at least I hope so Nikos

  5. Off-topic always welcome LX !
    I will try the links later this evening or tomorrow, “error 522, host down” prevents me from seeing it now : Viewpure definitely has some problems here.
    But I found astronaut LINDGREN play amazing grace in space – ! Oh dear … what will the Vogons say ?
    Was #2 this one : “Nürburgring 2015 CRASH & FAIL Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten VLN 24H” ? 8 minutes of sheer fun !
    I have to confess that now and then I look at things like this *blush*

    BTW object WTF1020 (or whatever its name was, I’m not sure about the numbers) should have hit earth South of Ceylon this afternoon – did you notice ?

  6. I shall refrain from Viewpure until that gets sorted.

    It seems that lots of motorists in Russia have dash cameras to protect themselves from false charges by the corrupt police and for proof to their insurance company in case of an accident. That said, it seems like they would be better at driving in the ice and snow!

    As I understand it, WTF burned out in the atmosphere without incident.

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