The first autumnal storm arrived this evening. The temperature fell notably. Yesterday evening I had to kill four (!) monstruous bloodsucking mosquitoes before I could fall into my bed, through the day I had heard birds singing their spring songs, a magnolia in a garden nearby was budding – now we are up to the regular weather pattern with strong wind, fog and cold rain : No more mosquitoes.
This morning I watched people de-icing windscreens in the villages where I picked up kids, and got a first idea of the fog-situation in some areas of the road, it will be fun.
Getting up very early in the morning works remarkably easy. I cope with it & am fully awake when I drive out of town, latest. But I must sleep when I come home some hours later. I made the mistake to get over the “dead point” two times this week and it became not very nice afterwards, because I could not really sleep before my afternoon turn, just dozed a bit. In the long(er) run a good practice will establish itself, it’s only experience. The afternoon drive is easier than the morning one, simply because I do not have to be at a certain location at a certain time. The kids do want to get home by then, they had a long day at their institution, I can drive as I like. The ice is braking, we do get along. Car is full, five boys, including one in an electrical wheelchair, add the co-driver & me. The “music question” remains, but there is also a solution in reach.
One thing does not work easy for me, going to bed early enough. I always was an “owl”, a person who goes to sleep pretty late, I can’t pull this off now. The structure of my evenings changed a lot, generally the times over or through the day when I usually did certain things – like eat, read, trawl the web – these daytimes / dates change ; in the end I have to find a new rhythm. And I’m eagerly awaiting this month’s settlement, after all it really is more work and more kilometers & it should have a positive effect on the payslip.
Summa summarum, ‘s schuggeld sich ei’.
I’ve never seen so many mornings before in my life.

2 thoughts on “Fohrn

  1. Congrats. You are doing a good job of becoming an “early bird” to fit the work hours!

    When required, I can force myself to get going early, but cannot fake being cheerful about it.

  2. I skip the cheerfulness, would be asked too much ! Thankfully my co-driver is also not the most sparkling early in the morning. So when we start it’s a peaceful travel until we reach the outmost point and shovel in the first boy – who usually falls asleep right after the seatbelt has snapped in. He uses one of these neck rolls, often putting it over his ears. Perhaps he does not want to listen to the classic-rock-station my co-driver favourites …

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