Sunday Music

Sorry, I do not have much to say on this grey Sunday.
This song doesn’t want to leave my head, so I put it here : Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth, 1967, written by Stephen STILLS.
Let’s see what next week will bring.




7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yes, I remember this one.Dark days then, too, but did anyone see what the next generation was in for!
    I am glad to have found like minds in the ether;gives me some hope.

  2. Crosby, Stills & Nash had wonderful vocals, but Young sounded always like the proverbial rostige Gießkanne imho. Monday morning, here we go büffel LX !

    It all came back … And hey – glad to see You again, Jon !

    It’s a blessing not to be able to look into the future, dear Dinahmow

    Tim – You did leave the vinyl ? The cd is a mere intermezzo I say !

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