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18th of November 1985 – a remarkable day : Bill WATTERSONs (Ger., Eng.) Calvin and Hobbes (Ger., Eng.) is published for the first time, the series will be running for ten glorious years.
I especially enjoy the snowmen and WATTERSONs trees in general. Here is a link to a “C&H 30th Anniversary Quiz“, the basic edition, here are a more “challenging“, and a damn difficult version. For my daily dose of Calvin & Hobbes I visit this site, for years now : Looking at Calvin & Hobbes (and some other comics) is an important part of the morning routine.
Glad that Dad did not get this dachshund …

Mom: You’re not sorry we had Calvin, are you?
Dad: Are you?
Mom: I asked first. Besides, it wasn’t all my decision.
Dad: All I know is, I offered to buy us a dachshund, but no, you said …

Calvinball rules, and large cardboard boxes are the entrance to worlds and dimensions still unseen and undiscovered. Perhaps I will present myself with one of the books for Christmas.
I want a tuna sandwich now.


8 thoughts on “C & H

  1. Oh! I came late to C & H, but it seems to me somewhat more “me” than “Peanuts” was.And I am sending your link to a friend who is very firmly in the C & H camp.It will make her day.

  2. 30 years?!? Has it really been that long? I remember rushing out to buy the latest collection or treasury when it was published. I really need to give them another read, though, as I didn’t do very well on that “damn difficult” test – only 57% (although I did get 96% on the first one, and 90% on the second).
    Thanks for this, Mago!

  3. Finally a system I can understand, LX !

    You are gonna hyperlink me Dinahmow ?! Goodness …

    Hello and welcome Elephant’s Child, thank you for your first comment here.
    “Apparently” – ? I always thought he quit drawing & painting alltogether, perhaps frustrated from the industry. I had no idea that WATTERSON is still active – but this is strictly private I guess ?

    Thirty years IDV … And to be correct, I did not discover the quizzes, they were linked by a commenter on the “gocomics”-site. I had 73 on the easy one but failed miserably in the next.

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